The destination address for the animals – the top 10 international destinations for holidays with your pet

You are thinking of traveling with your pet at the international level? Here are the top international destinations for traveling with your pet and information that will make the entry into the country simply and without quarantine.

We also include information that will help you to easily migrate to pass, when you visit another country. Please note that this information is subject to change. You can always send an e-mail Pet Pet Travel with a question about the recent trip to the requirements of international point of your pet.

travel industry knows that pets mean profit. Airlines also want your business to as many as 95% of the world's airlines to transport your pet. If your dog or cat is small enough, you can even take her to the salon with many airlines.

In the big cities of Europe is very pet. Here are four of the country and the city that deserve to enter the top ten.

Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy Four of the most friendly to pets countries that we visited. Travel with your pet in Europe simply because there are no more borders, so you can travel freely. Distance between cities or even between countries is insignificant. Travel is easy, since almost all European trains, buses and ferries take pets on board.

soar is the most convenient city, we went to Europe. You can dine at any of the thousands of sidewalk cafes in Paris, and you will see pet sitting for the owners or under the table almost all. Moreover, in the City of Lights well-behaved pets, who can dine at the restaurant with the owners.

On Sunday morning, you will see a well-dressed men and women who walk with their very well-groomed pets on a leash on a Sunday walk and headed to a nearby park.

Visit Montmartre, where artists have set easels on the sidewalk. In just a few francs, the artist will create an original picture of your beloved pet.

Immigration to France: To bring your pet to France from the United States, Canada or Mexico, you need three things. Your pet should have a microchip microchip ISO 15 characters, to be vaccinated against rabies and have the shape of the EU veterinary certificate of health for France. The immigration officer will simply pass through you.

Azer Lucerne Switzerland is well known for its beauty and quality of skiing. Chalet for you and your pet around under & # 39; lift, and you are waiting for an excellent ski vacation. Near the street will have a sidewalk cafe with a pet. If your pet is not the taste of wool, you want to buy a nice warm coat for him.

Visiting Switzerland, you will see the famous banking capital Zurich. But Zurich is famous for more than banks, he & # 39 is home to many well-known manufacturers of watches and chocolate.

Switzerland – one of those countries where domestic animals – only a part of everyday life. Because of its location it is in a few minutes by car or by train to France or Italy.

Immigration to Switzerland: To bring your pet to Switzerland from the US, Canada or Mexico, you will need three things. Your pet should have a microchip microchip ISO 15 characters, to be vaccinated against rabies and have the shape of the EU veterinary certificate for Switzerland. The immigration officer will simply pass through you.

BRUSSEL It is also included in our list of top ten destinations. Although your pet may not be welcome in museums, he would welcome almost everywhere. This walking city, and if you stay for a month, you would never run out in different places, to visit your pet. Everywhere there are beautiful parks, stroll through the famous antique markets, bars or take a stroll in the past Belgium Cinquantenaire Park.

Have you ever traveled on a Segway? They look like oversized skate board with a handle and an electric motor. Brussels is famous for availability of these small devices, which will guide you through the city at a rate suitable for your pet.

Brussels is also known for its exotic nightlife, but you will need to hire a holiday home, as in nightclubs pets not allowed.

Immigration in Belgium: To bring a pet into Belgium from Mexico, you need three things. Your pet should have a microchip microchip ISO 15 characters, to be vaccinated against rabies and have the shape of the EU veterinary certificate for Belgium. The immigration officer will simply pass through you.

MADRID with & # 39 is one of the oldest cities in Europe and a decent ranking among the top ten places to visit pets. This city plaza with fountains and statues everywhere. Spaniards love their pets, and they also love your when they behave kindly and graciously.

Take your pet for a walk to the Master Plaza, the so-called "aristocratic center" of Madrid, where the stunning Royal Palace, a 17th century monument that combines Baroque and classical music. Near the palace, you can find the Plaza de Oryente (square), the Opera House and the modern Almudena Cathedral, consecrated in 1993 by Pope John Paul II.

Another option during a visit to Spain – beautiful Costa del Sol with beautiful white sandy beaches that extend as far as the eye can see. And yes, your pet will be welcome at most beaches in the area, so if you have a dog, they can try the warm waters of the Mediterranean & # 39; I.

Immigration to Spain: In order to take your pet to Spain from the United States, Canada or Mexico, you need three things. Your pet should have a microchip microchip ISO 15 characters, to be vaccinated against rabies and have the shape of the EU veterinary health certificate for Spain. The immigration officer will simply pass through you.

Hotels in Europe much more lucky that your pet will be welcome, since this is such a common practice to make such pets on vacation. Or you can book a great house or apartment that will be available if you stay a week or longer.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN in Mexico – a great place for fans of the brilliant blue waters and white sand.

My little Shih Tzu at Ragglz nickname, and I lived there for a while, and there was virtually no place he is not welcome. If you need physical activity, there is a small gym in the open air, where Ruggles would lie in the shade and wait for me. Down on the beach there were dozens of small restaurants patios where we can share with Ragglesam dinner.

At least, once we got to the suite of the city bus to Playa del Carmen to Cancun. Wheels took the seat next to me. I do not know whether it was legal, but nobody will say a word.

Nearby are Mayan temples of Chichen Itza. I do not believe that pets are allowed in the territory.

Within two to three kilometers is several caves with underground water pool. I have seen several pets during a visit to these caves.

COSTA RICA with & # 39 is a popular destination for travelers of pet owners. Passage of customs with your pet – it's not just waving hands. If you are looking for an exciting gambling and nightlife, the San Jose – this is the place for you. In the city there are plenty of hotel accommodations.

Most people visiting Costa Rica, be sent to the countryside, where around every corner there are tall trees, beautiful birds and magnificent waterfalls. Of course, do not forget about the rain forest, where the brilliant blue butterfly zealous over the lush vegetation. Accommodation in these areas less elegant, but you will find some people who will welcome you and your pet.


To enter to Costa Rica, you will need a health certificate, which indicates that your pet deprived of diseases and has been properly vaccinated. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, and lestospirozu paravirusy and cats must be vaccinated against rabies.

Touching the top ten of our favorite pet areas, we drive in the United States. You can bring your pet in the United States only sanitary evidence that he is healthy and has been vaccinated against rabies.

KEY WEST This is probably the most friendly town in the United States. This small town can only be called "put back" when life goes at a slower place. Your pet is welcome in almost every hotel, breakfast and motels in the city. Each restaurant has an outdoor dining area, where your pet will be welcome, and some restaurants even allow small pets inside.

I visited the city a few years ago, and while Ragglz and I went for a walk, I stopped in front of a few elegant restaurant. I studied the menu and the Maitre de went out to talk with me. I asked if Vitali welcome, and his response was: he loves beef or chicken?

GREAT YABLIKA – New York It deserves a place on our list. It seems that everyone who lives in this bustling city, have a pet. There are so many, that the walker pet will have six or eight at a time on a leash for their morning walk. On Sunday in Central Park is dog heaven. Your pet will meet and greet a hundred other pets while walking. Then you can stay in one of the outdoor cafes on the "coffee and roll."

It is also a city of elegant hotels and nowhere pets than in a chic hotel. The higher the price of a room, the more welcome pet. However, there are a wide range of places where your pet is welcome. Pet Travel lists more than a hundred hotels accepting pets.

Several years ago, Ruggles and I stayed in one of the nice hotels in Central Park. Late in the afternoon I went to the bar for a cocktail and took Ruggls. We sat at the bar, when the manager came in. He gave a small petting Rugglsa and said: "I would be more like that in my hotel well-behaved pet, than a young child who misbehaved." This hotel, like many others, every morning the bell sent to my room to take a walk Rugli.

In some New York hotels even have a room service menu for pets!

ASHEVIL, North Carolina well-deserved place in the top ten. More than 50% of habitats in Asheville accept pets, indicating that his claim as one of the most beloved cities in America. For stray pet owners who love golf, this is a great choice.

During the summer, Asheville is a series of concerts in the open air, street fairs and festivals, where your pet will be welcome.

San – Diego it is only a short distance from our border. In this capital city on the ocean there is not one, but two "dog beach". The town and surrounding area there are hundreds of pets. In a recent visit with her new pet and a Shih Tzu, who is called the Bear; We stayed at the Hotel Sophia, who could not be more friendly to animals. Young women who were guarding the registration, always stopped to talk to the bears and even offered babysitting.

Every day we went to one of dozens around three outdoor cafe for lunch or dinner. Almost the first thing they would have done to bring the bear with a water bowl.

On the & # 39; being the beneficial owner of the traffic PET

Range of accommodation and travel, access to the owner of passing pets continues to grow, as these companies recognize the value of your business. However, you have to be polite and caring pet owners. Do not allow your pet to bring trouble to let him wander, or barking. And usually number 1, be sure to pick up for him his pet.

Visiting these cities with pets make a vacation that you will never forget. Be sure and make the tickets before, when you are traveling by air. Most airlines have restrictions on the number of pets per flight. In addition, call or email the hotel in which you live, to confirm the pet policy, that there are no surprises at check-in. Email us address with any questions. We wish you nothing but happy travels.


Liquidation plan simple bugs

The purpose of this brief article, which is easy to follow – Share simple, safe and effective treatment plan bugs that really works for me and will work for you and those you care about that infects blood Kalani Bed Bug. More good news is that it is not toxic, and is also effective against other unwanted small pests that are attracted or transferred to our beds, as scabies, mites and lice.

Since the time of the ban DDT is no longer available because the potential harms and kills more things than just errors. In his absence, there is a real lack of effective pesticides to kill bed bugs.

The use of other toxic pesticides is not particularly recommended for use in bedding or so kindergartens. Use eco-friendly non-toxic spray for active nests and in any place where you assume that they are.

This eco-friendly environmental strategy to get rid of errors is simple, but they need to be carefully applied to get rid of them. They hide well fed sporadically, bed bugs travel between apartments and luggage, and they become more resistant to the usual hazardous pesticides.

1) Carefully inspect the living areas on a regular basis, especially in residential areas and around them.

2) sprayed environmentally friendly non-toxic enzymes elimination Bed Bug daily for at least three weeks under each bed and around (to disturb the breeding cycle).

3) Use bedding for clean beds.

4) Be prepared for calm during the trip.

Where to look for the poor? The short answer is everywhere! The answer is long, they can be found in the mattress and around the box spring, bed frame, the board for the head board for the feet, chest of drawers, night stands, clocks, computer & # 39; your computer, pictures on the wall baseboards. Look for brown parameters on the mattress. It may be dried blood or fecal matter. Also, look for dried skins that arise during the process of molting bed bugs.

With environmentally friendly non-toxic sprays that kill bugs in contact, the best of the & # 39 are FDA (g.r.a.s.), which means that all the contents of "generally recognized as safe". You have to be persistent.

If bed bugs nest in your bedding, it's a good decision to use the eco-friendly mattress, springs and covers for pillows, which are laboratory tested for bed bugs. Mattresses and springs can be permanently planted in a special eco-friendly matratsnyya sliding mattresses. After installation, check the body to be sure they are not damaged; If you are having holes or tears, cover them completely continuous ribbon. Any errors that were in sealed bags, perish with time. Continue to spray the surface of the body. Now you can find on the internet the simplest and the best environmentally friendly products for the housing. Many bed covers not sold out & # 39 are evidence of bed woes.

Get rid of the bugs, thoroughly clean the infected room, and then the whole residence. Remove bedding and thoroughly spray mist non-toxic environmentally friendly solution on every inch of the surface of the pad, mattress and frame. Allow to dry. Separate the mattress and rotate, spraying springs on drawers, the top, sides and bottom.

Continue daily spraying non-toxic environmentally friendly solution around the base of your bed places at least three weeks. In addition, spray the floor and wall area daily. Colony of bed bugs can grow in cracks, crevices, sockets (be careful of electric shock!), Frames for pictures, old or old furniture, luggage, etc.

Three weeks later, continue to spray the bed surface when changing the bed linen. During the washing of sheets and pillowcases, always use the settings of hot water (preferably with bleach). Starting heavy blankets and dryers through a hot drying without washing cycle (between professional cleanings) is also a good idea.

Clean contaminated surfaces with a stiff brush moistened with an environmentally friendly solution for the removal and destruction of eggs and use a powerful vacuum to remove as much as possible bed bugs from cracks and crevices. Dismantling bed frames can be subjected to additional error concealment. Remove drawers from the desk and drawers and turn the furniture, if possible, for inspection and cleaning of all the hidden places.

To avoid wool bugs on the bed, pull the bed frame from the wall, Tuck sheets and blankets so they do not come into contact with the floor, and put the frame legs into dishes or cups with mineral oil and add sustainability to life decision.

Carefully inspect each piece of furniture home. Look for bed bugs, eggs and skins. Check furniture for holes or tears in the fabric. If you find such, bed bugs can be so deep in the furniture that you will never be able to effectively apply to them.

Vacuum residential areas regularly with a vacuum cleaner, so you can safely throw it away after compaction. Wash all clothes and linens in hot water and keep them in plastic bags for garbage. Perseverance with & # 39 is the key.

Zakuporte zakuporte and all openings, in which tubes and wires, penetrate the wall and floor, and fill in cracks around baseboards and casings for further reducing the medium nesting box. Since bed bugs and other pests can spread through cracks and holes in walls, ceilings and floor, the residents of the apartments / kandaminiyav reasonable to seek cooperation with its neighbors and the leadership to conduct an audit and encouraging treatment with neighboring apartments on the same floor, as well as those directly above and below.

Do not panic. Although bed bugs can be annoying, they can be safely and successfully to fight, if you take a well-thought-out strategy with non-toxic enzymes, eco-friendly to life.

Be vigilant.

Every time you stay in a hotel or a sanatorium, clean sheets and look at the corners of the mattress. If possible, look at the board's head, to detect signs of bugs. Do not put your luggage on the bed and leave it on the floor beside the bed. Bring a safe non-toxic environmentally friendly spray with all the travel. Spray luggage before you pack your clothes.

Environmentally friendly non-toxic to living enzymes can also be used in the water to soak up the water, if you have scabies or mites on all body parts, it is quite safe, but avoid their eyes out. You can also add it to the washing machine to clean the clothing from many individual pests.

Each bedbug only one full meal of blood to move to the next stage of development, and they can be expected between the months of feeding capabilities. Under ideal conditions, adult bed bugs can survive more than a year between meals. Thus, infested residences should aggressively manage the elimination of bed bugs environmentally friendly way of life.

This information will help you to more effectively identify and drive safely or suspected infestation of bedbugs. This article is to assist owners of property, property management and tenants with a safe, non-toxic environmental practices relevant to the identification and effective elimination of bed bugs.


Holidays in Las Vegas – tips, advice and precautions

These "precaution", "tips" and "tricks" to make your offer to help Holiday in Las Vegas as pleasant as possible, quickly and easily schedule. Let this be your first trip to "Fabulous Las Vegas" or you are a veteran, you will find some useful tips and recommendations.

Tips for traveling to Las Vegas: First of all, the biggest mistake that many travelers to Las Vegas when planning a trip is to book the cheapest airfare / hotel, accessible from anywhere. They offered everything from newspaper to television home of the & # 39; families, primarily by e-mail. Caution!

Why? A Cheap holidays in Las Vegas well, we agree! But did you know almost all Hotels in Las Vegas there are 2 Quality level 3 room (or variants thereof)? Now we have in mind, even a lot of five-star, "big", many of them are just plain poor quality accommodation, possibly with a beautiful view of the air conditioning system! (This actually happened to me personally, and it was loud!)

Things like old mattresses for bed, no safes, old decorating, long walk to the casino, strymalniki, shows and even taxis. Did you know that for some numbers moving monorail train with? How about a roller coaster right outside the window? And many more. Remember that the "cheaper" – this is the case. Ask for registration upon arrival, exactly where your room is, look it up before you may enter.

We do not seek only the rooms of high value. Get a room with the best quality that your budget will allow, and you'll be very pleased.

Why book a hotel at first? In Las Vegas, booked an average of 94% a year, so plan in advance (recommended at least 30+ days) to get the exact days, wherever you want, the quality of accommodation you want. Plus, usually booked in advance much less. Did you know that from Sunday to Thursday cheaper? If you choose Hotel in Las Vegas booked, you can book your flight to match the time and days to fit YOUR schedule.

Makes sense, does not it?

Once you get your Hotel in Las Vegas booked first. then you can book Shows in Las Vegas what you want, when you want. Do not forget to check that your chosen show was not "dark" in your chosen day. Holidays – a good example of dismal days.

then book your Tours in Las Vegas. (If you have never experienced thrill The trip by helicopter at night through the "Glitter and depth of the city", a day trip to Boulder Dam and the Grand Canyon – it's something you never forget) That is not as expensive as you might think! Check out our links on the price and time.

This entertainment capital of the world, so allow yourself plenty of time to take as many attractions as possible (ten free), and it will make your Holiday in Las Vegas much more memorable. If possible, book an additional night only to hold a special tour of Las Vegas or the day of the Las Vegas Golf.

Tips for gambling in Las Vegas:

Gambling – a vital source of Las Vegas. You do not really think the hotel on a billion dollars were built "winners"? Set a daily budget for gambling and follow it! you do there is a good chance to win. Hundreds, if not thousands of "jackpot hand" pay every day. Be careful, though, these chips, tokens and entrance to the ticket / tickets seem to be too similar to the "play money" from & # 39 are not they are your real money! Stick to your budget! I have already told you that?

Get a "players card" everywhere you go, and if you "ping player", ask the pit boss that he "appreciated" or "appreciated" you. They will keep track of your game and meet you all Vilnius free material. Such as food, rooms, clothes, limos, gift shops, and even cash. They really help to make the odds in your favor.

I think my "budget" is always too small, but try to put all reasonable daily goals and follow it, do not enter in the budget tomorrow! Just maybe, you go to the big winner! It happens every day. Remember the phrase: "Go, if you come!"

It is not my place to preach, but here are some very tips Las Vegas for handling your money. All this cash in a casino, you see everywhere attracts some pretty shady characters (read Kryukov!) Security is excellent, but they are always a few, and it just takes to spoil the perfect vacation.

Security in Las Vegas:

Home, take or buy a small purse with a strap to the neck or a bag of trash, or fanatical package that is comfortable enough for all the time to keep on his face. never ever put the purse on the floor or next to the machine, or on a stool. It is a magnet for thieves! Keep this tightening around his neck.

Most thieves work in pairs: one distracts you while the other protects the purse. Several types of distractions that they use: one throws a coin or a dollar bill or two near you on the floor and ask you, "it's your cash on the floor?" while others grab your things, or overly talkative "players" sit down next to you and shake to get your attention, while their partner grabs your stuff or presses payout button and walks away with his ticket. Trust me. it It happens. They are very slim and fast, and to be so easy know.

If you accumulate a few winning tickets, hide them in a purse or wallet until you are ready to bring them to account, and then hide the cash. Remember the hint "leave"?

Men: Wear Case garbage does not diminish the harm. Well, if you just do not want, then fold the bills and keep them in your pocket front pants. If they "took in his pocket," your wallet with all your credit cards, at least you'll have your cash, or vice versa, just keep them separately. And look at those tickets.

If you hit the jackpot of a good size, take the money in the safe in your room or take it to the hotel desk for storage. Or ask security to accompany to his room or car. They are happy to provide this service. Do not go to the casino and the street with a big bundle of money!

Security in all hotel and casino is excellent. With all those thousands of cameras (Eyes in the sky) every inch of the casino is delivered on tape. (Did you know that Nevada law requires such casino security?) This is for your protection as well as the hotel / casino.

Now, please understand, we're not trying to scare you here, and just makes you know! A really easy to get to all migtselnyya lights, noise, artifacts, people who watch the conventional casinos. Just do not let them spoil your fun.

Observe the following tips on travel to Las Vegas, and they will make the memory of life in Las Vegas, the entire memory.

This article may be reprinted in full & # 39; the amount to be used, but must contain a reference to this


Advantages of mental health on holiday

For both children and adults, disadvantaged communities benefit from mental health to travel in his spare time is a huge improvement in the social and mental health perspectives. Traveling in his spare time is a great personal impact on a person compared with someone who did not go. Opportunity to get away and relax creates a wonderful feeling of euphoria and excitement. Traveling on vacation is very important to reduce stress levels for both adults and children, and especially for people with lower incomes. Quality of life improved dramatically along with personal growth, self-realization and self-esteem increase. As the number of personal travel debilitated persons of their depression and deterioration are reduced. Access to luxury travel increases the intellectual pleasure of man, reduces inherent poverty, since it increases self-esteem and improved financial control.

Personal travel offer people the opportunity to improve social skills, increase private person inclusion of social groups and institutions, while significantly establishing positive interaction of social ties with friends, family & # 39; It and society. With family & # 39; s low-income and mother's maiden voyage in cultural activities such as museums, opera and classical concerts in the framework of free time, and not in the "forced" mode, children especially feel a complete sense of dignity, acceptance and excitement to It will further expand to such events. .

Benefits for mental health-related trips to the free time, creates a sense of social identity and belonging. Traveling in his spare time and play an important role in improving social skills in children, especially for a long time feeling. Children of parents who have made it a family mantra and duty to represent them in different places and directions, is much more likely to become much more teenagers and adults in the social sphere. They tend to be much quieter weekend, feel safer in various conditions, while a child or an adult, do not travel, usually feel like a fish out of water in unfamiliar territory.

Association related to travel on your spare time, is a personal sense of dasyagnutastsi and motivation. Those who personally associated with children and adults who suddenly found themselves the recipients of rest for the first time, they see with their own eyes the exciting benefits that journey brings. They see the return journey to relax, unwind and relax, also rejuvenated and reopened them with your inner well-being as an outstanding proof that the rest can be done. Travel helps those people to maintain a healthy balance of intrinsic value. That's why rich people always make a vacation on vacation neodymium & # 39; emnay part of their health and wellness.

For those who are in the lower part of the spectrum and is primarily due to limited income, many children and adults in urban and rural areas have little access to travel and holidays resource. Number of participation is very limited; it forms the feelings and results in relation to such activities. Most just either stay at home or visit close friends and / or family & # 39; S. With today's economy in a recession for seven & # 39; ads, and people are more important than ever to find ways to push off and relax away from the obvious choices.

It is essential to increase their own time, even including the time alone to improve the social well-being, helping to overcome poverty. Understanding the need for access to travel for vacation it is important for the understanding of one of the suras & # 39; oznyh problems faced by African-American, Latino and poor white communities conditions. Do not go beyond your own neighborhood or state lines, many socially died of lack of financial resources to access outside its borders.

"As a child to see it."

It is very important for children to feel all aspects of travel and personally realize how much fun and excitement it brings. Children who travel quite frequently, as opposed to children who do not grow into happy, independent, well-adjusted adults who continue to travel. Both usually grow either repeat their love, excitement and independence of travel or their feelings and are indifferent to the feelings of their own future children.

The celebration of a new culture and personal well-being is possible when a person travels outside of his comfort zone. It is very important for their own mental well-being, so that you can relax, enjoy yourself and fit in any situation. Travel, as a rule, is a positive attitude to and exceeds the faces of those who have the opportunity to do so. This transformation, which for some is almost indescribable, for example, the formation of subtropical cloud, blue-green water or plants and animals that are not from the & # 39 are native to the region. Euphoric feeling of relaxation is so overpowering that they want to visit again and again to experience this pleasure. Traveling in his spare time reflects the beauty and fragility that are in the human experience.


The road from Vung Tau to Dalat – Travel Q & # 39; etname

We drove probably not too sure where to go. I had to go to Saigon when I saw the sign business, which states Dalat. I've heard that name. It was an old French hill station far to the north of Saigon. He had a good reputation is a good place. It was an imaginary tale of one of the old British hill stations RAJ. Simla? In any case, I was excited curiosity, and I asked if she was there and she said no. I turned to the right and we went.

We were able to come to these decisions without discussion, that would be good. On the other hand, we did not know how far it is. This, of course, was not there. We did not know what kind of road. I do not give distances. I would have to check them on the map. I then had no map. In any case, even with the card, I would not be much better. A detailed map of the military – the last thing wanted to catch, and anything else was worse than useless. Conditions were appalling, and it was not unknown on some roads that run a mile for miles in second gear. Traffic jams in Saigon were appalling, and in the countryside blown bridge could cause a bottle neck with a depth of three lanes on both sides and in no way the vehicle will not be able to get across the bridge. Or on this account just blew up the bridge and not the soul. If we compare the journey, for what would be the distance indicated on the map today, no relation to the reality of the situation.

It was strange that the & # 39; etnamtsy continued to travel on the roads. Their management was terrible. Driver's licenses could be bought. If you are a foreigner and have an accident, you are always wrong. You could have, to redeem any occasion. I read that car drivers traveling at high speed in the hope that if they planted a mine safe transfer speed of the driver and just behind the rear end of the bus. Accidents were awful. In Vieta Kong was created by pavement and took away those they considered enemies. I remember reading that the French consul in vysakagor & # 39; and broke the car, climbed on a passing bus, was erected in B & # 39; etkonge on the road and are reported to have died in captivity. The French usually considered themselves superior to the war and is therefore not insured. It is possible that, knowing a war for twenty-five years old when I arrived in 1965, in the & # 39; etnamtsy developed specific mortality for her.

I switched the license plates of my car, and then we continued to the area of ​​rubber plantations. Has official signs began with X, which is methyl, that I was part of the US war effort. I've always had a spare set of conventional, irregular, d & # 39; etnamskih. By the time we reached the hills of the bitter herbs, she began to enter a somewhat sluggish mind that the road to there was no road. Before I also know now, that does not mean the movement. I hid my identity papers, and threw my numbers X. Several villages that were there did not seem to have enough activity. Once we passed a lone priest on a motorcycle. The road climbed steadily and we talked a little. PB was from Hanoi. They also had a house in the country was relatively prosperous. Her father, a nationalist, was taken to the B & # 39; a Ming-one evening and never seen him. Something & # 39; I moved to the south after the separation in the & # 39; etnama. Had an uncle, a colonel, he was chief of the province. I think that all the leaders of the provinces were military, possibly with the exception of trying to prove that the country was not exactly a military dictatorship or otherwise. He found himself on the wrong side in one of the many coups. In her life, there was another tragedy, but I do not speak here. Everyone in the & # 39; etnamtsa had its share of tragedies related to war. Her English was excellent and she had a lovely habit of mixing their adverbs and adjectives.

We decided that I needed another person. I offered to become a French Catholic priest. I have often been wrong in the province where I worked. The politician said that her presence did not cause confidence to do so. I offered to become a reporter. We rejected it, but later I had to join the unknown news agency, to obtain the necessary documents and to use this to cover their non-working hours. I have also worked as a freelance. We stopped in my teaching. I had to become so at some future date. Once, when we went to the Delta, I think near My Tho, and stopped to buy a pineapple in a young boy on the road, he noticed that I was an Englishman. He had a brother, who was studying in England. I worked was paid and had many friends who were Americans, but alone in the village, they were the last people with whom I would like to contact. The road began to climb again and still no movement. Now we have considered the most beautiful green I had ever seen. Below us there was wave after wave of shades that you can imagine the forest or jungle, I do not remember, but it was very cute. Whichever shade of fear we did not suffer, it has also disappeared. I think that we just removed, and pretended that he was not there. In any case, we have been committed now, and come back late. At one point I saw the soldiers back to stare into the woods, and the sound of the blast of machine-gun fire, and then nothing. Next, we have reached a high plateau with gently rolling hills covered with tea or coffee plantations. I need to know, but it is written in forty years, and although some of my memories of the crystal clear, as if they happened yesterday, the other – a combination of colors, and some only gray.

Digress. The old plantation belonged to the French. I was supposed to meet with Dr. & # 39; etnamskay woman something & # 39; s what it was. I remember handing out big bags of fresh roasted coffee beans, black and small, brilliant butter. Coffee in the & # 39; etname was Robusta. Very strong. Usually it is to & # 39; out of the small glasses with a large amount of sugar, but no milk. Before, I drank too much, and my nerves disappeared. Drank tea from large glasses, without sugar and milk, thank God. Outside of Saigon, at least, used to be free and was accompanied by all that eating. On rare occasions I stopped somewhere just to drink a glass, so I usually buy a small cake or something. In any case, the water was usually of dubious quality, and the tea was safer.

We arrived at a civil airfield serving Dalat. Very little. No sign of any activity or any aircraft. I had to get used to really participate in the d & # 39; etnamskay habit to go to the airport for the flight, sit down and wait, hoping for hours watching the sky to see the plane. If this day is not a & # 39; the plane was, they leave and come back the next. Patience East. From here the road climbed steeply, and the landscape changed again. It was possible in the Alps. The forest was evergreen, and to our left was a beautiful mountain. It is not known, it was the most dangerous part of the trip for us, and the mountain was full of tunnels infested in the & # 39; etkongam.

We arrived in Dalat. We have not seen any motorized vehicle throughout the journey except a lone priest. I'll deal with this town a little later, when I had to get to know him better. For us it was only a question of finding the hotel, a quick walk, food and beds. The city maintains a pretty French air. With a beard I easily fit. It was the one place in the B & # 39; etname, which I never used. There was no US presence. For all his visits there I have never seen more than one or two Americans. I do not want to criticize Americans in these articles. The problem was that in the tanks often had poor relations between the peoples, and seeing the faults of others, and never had his qualities. At eight o'clock curfew was. It was a city that has seen its heyday before. Now it south to the & # 39; etnamskiya military and police academies. It was Kuvent de Oiseaux. He was known vegetables that are sent to Saigon on the road. This girl had a lovely healthy glow to the cheeks. All this for later. We spent quite a restless night. Across the territory there were constant outbreaks of small arms fire. Did I ever tell you about happy? There were many, but apparently not at the end of our excursion. We had to return the next day. I had only two days, if not more organized, and because all of my trip was unauthorized, I prefer not to talk about them.

The next morning I fill the car with gasoline, lit his pipe, and we began the return journey. It was a beautiful day, the fresh air and pleasant, but not another car in the driveway. We went down, as I would call the alpine part of the journey, past the mountains of the obsession with our business, to a small airfield. Then we continued to the territory of what was probably the high plateau plantations. I took some photos of PB, I still have, at one point we stopped so she could buy meat, buffalo? we came across a female mantanardam, but we were only bills and mantagnard would accept only coins. Going through the magnificent green forests PB slept beside me. I firmly woke when the car hit a pothole, struggled again retained control over it, and then woke up. I'm afraid to think what would be the result of even minor accidents.

The trip was inactive, and we again went through the high meadows of the hills. When we come to rubber plantations, we stopped in the cocoa cola at some village. I always thought it was the most refreshing drink in such cases, and gives the strength to continue. Then, surprised, in the south-column & # 39; etnamskih armor approached from the south. The first cars we saw two days later. I do not know what made the US advisers, I was sitting quietly at a table with explosives. In fact, they gave very friendly smile. Perhaps not for me. Behind the wheel we have two or three times stopped on rubber plantations soldiers regional troops who wanted to receive compensation for us. I always kept a box or two cigarettes, and usually had the two or three packages. When they reached the road Saigon bar, PB wanted to go to Saigon, so I had to drive there, and then back to the van Kip. I think I probably rode a good eighteen hours during these two days. I almost did not muscle movement when he returned.

Three days after our trip to the & # 39; a Cong attacked the road in six places and five days held her control. After some time, two employees Decca, who were traveling in a jeep from Phan-renga on the coast to Dalat went missing. In 1972, the British vice-consul what Adrian, one of those very rare, but the most nice people, was near my house in Saigon, and he told me that he had given an interview to & # 39; nd with a defect in the & # 39; etkong, who said they were stopped at a road block, taken prisoner and died in captivity. One was an Englishman and an American. On the other hand, during the same period fourteen unarmed US civilians in a US truck, I think Korean army escort was killed on the same road, when their convoy was ambushed. It was necessary to judge, armed or not, and if possible, ways in which to drive. You also need to pray not born under unlucky star.


Where eagles dare Crete

Today we are entering a new world, although at the time we did not know about it. In our continuing search for new areas and places that can offer its visitors, we came across something spectacular. Today we were supposed to visit the appropriate area and see what can offer the eastern slopes Psilarytu.

Psilaryt or Mount Ida, at an altitude of 8057 feet (2456 m, 35 ° 13 & # 39; 38.45 P., 24 ° 46 & # 39; 15:22 "E?) – the highest mountain in Crete, and more than 1000 meters higher than Ben Nevis. Large Cretan writer Nikos Kazandakis often mentioned him, and many of his krytskiya people feel a powerful symbol of the island, although the contested claims to Dhikteani cave in a nearby ridge moose and five Ideion Andron is also considered the birthplace. Zeus and the continent of Europe is called Europe, one of his conquests in love. Romantic interlude, which as any Cretan will tell, and dbylasya on the southern coast of the island, is also characterized by the following roads location abduction of General Von Kreype as a result of the Cretan resistance and executive raid during World War 2. The film is about the events of "Unusually met Moonlight" starring Dirk Bogarde was based on the book U.Stanli Mosa ( ISBN 0-304- 35259-4).

Travel 60 km to the airport Irakliona, we observe, is done on "autopilot". Meet unfortunately generates contempt or at least indifference. The brightest point, depending on the wind conditions, with 39 & # is the drop across the gorge Selenary where Belakrylyya kites (Gyps fulvus) effortlessly on termalah soar. Further along the route suppliers of bananas and potatoes Malia build those same roads that the summer will be bombarded with football shirts and girls dressed moladkami with a hangover, who are looking for a "full English breakfast".

Not far from the airport turn to the south of the new and impressive road, which leads us to the Arhanes and Peza, the wine region south of the capital. We continue south to Agia Varvara and realize that we sailed past our turning, although we see a spectacular rock monolith which we might otherwise miss. After the usual questions (and a lot of reading and gestures) we go on the road north to our meeting with Iaanisam. The road curled up on the eastern slopes of the mountains, and we could not resist, pulling onto the road two graves, alienated from the cliff. As is often the case in Crete, for them there was no information. I really like this aspect of the island because almost nothing is put on a plate for you. If you are interested, you need to look for information, which, in turn, can lead to other discoveries.

The village has a fabulous church, with a very modern chapel at the entrance. We drove back and asked for directions to a cafe where the owner brought me to the balcony. He pointed to the hotel and told me how to get to it. After several attempts to go a short way and several reversing operations are very small and narrow streets, we finally have come a long way and were at the gates of the apartment. Iaanis manager expressed to us a great welcome and we were impressed by the standards of furniture and premises in such a supposedly "not a tourist" area. There are only four apartments, but with a beautiful swimming pool and spa is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. It is also centrally located for exploring the island and is ideally located to see the major archaeological sites.

In the great tradition of Cretan "filaksenii" Naturally, we were invited to join the family & # 39; and for a meal in the hotel tavern. As we were told, juicy roast pork was prepared by the owner and has been filed with traditional oven potatoes and various vegetables, sauces and salads, RFQ local red which is bottled specifically for the hotel. Eagles and other birds of prey soared around the area, and Iaanis was so familiar with them that he even had individual names. It was almost impossible to look away from the incredible species across the plain to the distant mountains dictate the range, but it was time to leave and make their way home. With simple directions from our host we were back on the main road in five minutes, but on the outskirts of Irakliona in ten.

With an area almost the same as England, Crete never held another surprise around the next corner. What, I wonder, will next week?


The airport serves as a disabled parking

Are you the owner of orange-blue icon or have special needs that may require access to the wheelchair, looking for a car parking at the airport? If so, I hope that this short article will help explain what options are available and how you can deal with inquiries or booking, to ensure you a comfortable and smooth journey to the airport.

When planning a vacation or a trip involving air travel, you should know that you can get the whole trip before you hit the road. Meeting with the problem at any stage of the journey, for example, the inability to find help or the inaccessibility of a particular vehicle can spoil the whole experience, leave you stranded or even prevent you from driving at all.

If you are a traveler with disabilities or need access to wheelchairs should take the time and trouble to plan travel arrangements before you hit the road, so you can enjoy your trip and the journey itself can be a pleasure.

If you are flying from UK airports, you may need a car parking at the airport. I recently came an email from a customer who asked about parking for the disabled. To my surprise, we had very little information on our website, and when I looked at the other sites, there is also not enough information

This led me to spend a lot of time gathering all the information that you may need the traveler with special needs when considering their parking at the airport. I covered the five major airports in the UK, below which accounts for over 60% of passenger traffic. I will update our information in other airports over time, and in the meantime you can visit our web site … for the most up to date information about the airport of departure.

Please note: all UK airports for security reasons, the blue badge scheme (formerly Orange badge) is valid only in parking lots. Outside the terminal there is a waiting period, and vehicles may not be left unattended. Prices and information are correct at date of publication (October 2005).

alphabetic Airport

Short stay

All prices shown on the parking lot under the & # 39; congresses to parking. Clearly signed blue / orange icons parking is available at all car parks for short stays near the terminal access routes. The auxiliary points are located near these premises, and those who have special needs, assistance is free. It will be given a push / provision of wheelchairs or help with luggage. Pick up the phone is green and seek help.

If you want to park in places with blue / orange color of the character, but to make the icon of the border, you will need to provide your sign of the car park operator. Please contact the car park operator by pressing the help of a car entering the car park or phone help desk and ask them to contact the operator. You must pay for parking tickets in kiosks customer service or automatic payment machines before returning to his car. If you can not get to the ticket / slot, press the help button.

stay long

At the airport parking lots 1,2, and 3, which serve the parking Express, a second serving of the terminal 4. The second disabled parking located at the stops of bus transportation, and buses have low floors with wheelchair spaces. Transfer is carried out every 10 minutes between 4:45 and 23:45. Outside of these hours of service operates on request.

Pre-booked price of £ 8.58 per day. Outside the airport easyParking (serves all terminals). Their office is available for passengers with disabilities, and the shuttle bus is fully adapted to carry wheelchairs. Transfer is carried out every 15 minutes to 24 hours. The cost of pre-booked from £ 6.25 per day. For more information visit Heathrow Airport Parking

GATWICK airport

Short stay

Prices are clearly displayed on a & # 39; congresses to parking. Clearly signed blue / orange icons parking is available at the multi-storey car parks at both terminals, for short-stay parking. Available routes in terminals are available and are located under the names.

The auxiliary points are located next to the reserved parking places, and those who have special needs, assistance is free. Pressing / provision of wheelchairs or assistance with luggage can be provided upon request, simply lift the phone and ask for help, pointing your flight number. Please note that the aid benefit is likely to be given to those who pre-booked with the airline or travel agent.

All multi-storey car parks share a border height of two meters, but there are a number of cars parking on the high side. If you want to park in places with blue / orange color of the character, but to make the icon of the border, you will need to provide your sign of the car park operator. Please contact the car park operator by pressing the help of a car entering the car park. You must pay for parking tickets in kiosks customer service or automatic payment machines before returning to his car. If you can not get to the slot to pay for tickets, click the help button.

stay long

The Parking Express airport to the south or the north of the terminal. Parking for the disabled are on the shuttle bus stop and buses have low floors with wheelchair spaces. Transfer is performed every 7 – 10 minutes, 24 hours per day.

The owners of the blue / orange can pre-book a parking space for an extended stay and park in the parking lot for a short stay. Take a ticket at the entrance and leave it on the screen of blue-orange icon (a photocopy will suffice if you need to take it with you). When returning to visit one of the offices of reception and the car park before the & # 39; to reveal pre-booked a voucher for parking with a blue / orange badge, and they will confirm you a ticket outlet. See. Above to find out more details about the short stay car park.

Pre-booked prices from £ 5.59 per day.

Outside the airport in BCP serve both terminals. BCP is only 10 minutes from both terminals with clock transmission. Transfer granted to the terminal and from the airport in your own vehicle after pre-order on 0870 0134600. The pre-booked prices from £ 5.62 per day. For more information, visit the Parking Parking4less Airport


Short stay

in the parking lot prices are clearly displayed at the entrance to the car park. Parking cyan / orange is available in the zone D, which is near to the terminal building. Item help is not far from the parking in the area D, if you need a wheelchair or assistance. This is a free service to the date of registration.

If you want to park in the place of the blue / orange badge, but you need to pick up a badge abroad, please contact the car park operator in using the help button at the entrance.

You must pay for parking tickets in kiosks customer service or automatic payment machines before returning to his car. Payment machines are located in the luggage and props in the parking lot near the disabled. If you can not get to the ticket / payment for the slot, press the help button.


Parking for the average stay (Eparking) is located a few miles from the terminal building, all shuttle buses are free and wheelchair accessible. Allow at least 20 minutes for moving the terminal into the building. Blue badge parking is located next to the toilets for caravans, in the shelters also have help buttons.

Upon arrival at the terminal of the car driver or the leader of the station site will help you with the car. Auxiliary telephones located outside each of the revolving door, if you need a wheelchair or assistance. This is a free service to the date of registration.

Upon returning, the driver of the Transport coach or leader of the station, passengers will help you in the bus that will transfer you to the car park. Pre-booked price of £ 8.75 per day.

stay long

Parking for an extended stay at the airport (Pink Elephant) is located approximately four miles from the terminal building. All shuttle buses are free and wheelchair accessible. Please give at least 45 minutes to move to the terminal building.

Parking for orange / blue badge is located next to the shelters for the van in the shelters also have help buttons.

Upon arrival at the terminal of the car driver or the leader of the station site will help you with the car. Auxiliary telephones located outside each of the revolving door, if you need a wheelchair or assistance. This is a free service to the date of registration.

The driver of the coach transfer or a leader of the station platforms will help the car, which will transfer you to the parking lot for a long stay. The cost of pre-booked from £ 5.60 per day. For more information, visit the Parking Parking4less Airport


Short stay

Prices are clearly displayed at all under the & # 39; congresses to parking.

Special parking for the disabled are available on short-term parking, located close to the elevators. Help in wheelchairs have airline, the agreement must be requested at time of booking a flight or holiday. If you want to park in a wheel bay, but take your badge with you on a trip, contact the Call Center at 0161 489 3723 to agree on it.

stay long

The airport Prem & # 39; EP-park with parking orange / blue mark, located near the toilets for cars. Between the car park and all terminals with courtesy bus passes. After the pre-order you will be able to book a free pick up to the parking lot for a short stay by calling the number 0161 489 3723. You will need to specify the data flight, dates of travel, vehicle registration number and badge number with shutdown.

The cost of pre-booked from £ 4.65 per day. Is Airparks Services airport with transfers that operate 24 hours a day, taking about 20 minutes. All buses disabled access. Pre-booked price of £ 2.99 per day. For more information, visit Parking4less Manchester Airport Parking Parking

LUTON airport

Short stay

In front of the short-term car parks have special compartments for people with disabilities. Free parking is allowed within the first 60 minutes. Any delay will result in full payment is required from the moment of arrival to the parking lot.

Customers wishing to request free 60 minutes before the should & # 39; to reveal his invalid sign for parking in the NCP desk in the terminal building for verification. Watch for off parking should remain on display in the vehicle. Should you require further assistance by telephone assistance to passengers. Pre-booked price from £ 15.75

The mean residence time

Mid Stay car park is suitable for up to 5 days and is designed for people with disabilities. For transportation to the terminal provided is fully accessible bus service. Their drivers welcome the opportunity to assist customers with disabilities to sit down and disembark the buses on request. There is a special point of care, which allows people with disabilities to call for free assistance. Pre-booked price from £ 11:05 per day.

stay long

At the airport parking Long Stay also welcomes disabled drivers. For transportation to the terminal provided is fully accessible bus service. Airport drivers welcome the opportunity to assist customers with disabilities to sit down and disembark the buses on request. There is also a special point of care, which allows passengers with disabilities to apply for free assistance.

The cost of pre-booked from £ 7.55 per day. Outside the airport Airparks Services with transfers, which operate around the clock. All buses Airparks services have access to the disabled. The cost of pre-booked from £ 2.99 per day. For more information, please visit the parking Parking4less Luton Airport. If you want to learn more about the needs of disabled car drivers visit a supporting mobility.


Swellendam – the best kept secret in South Africa

Suelendam, the third oldest city in South Africa, is situated at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains and has much to offer visitors who are interested in history, nature, outdoor activities and art. Swellendam is ideally situated halfway between Cape Town and George, and therefore a & # 39 is an ideal stop for tourists. In these two hours from Cape Town to Svelendama walk you through unspoiled villages and towns. Take a trip back in time and stop at some of the historical farmsteads and country houses in the area, which offer bed and breakfast. Rainfall spread throughout the year, little wind and temperatures all year round temperate.

Swellendam has been an important travel center for centuries. Early travelers and explorers traded with the Khoi-Khoi people, and in 1743 the Dutch East India Company announced Suellendam trunk area and built Dros, which was completed in 1747 This Dros, a national monument – the only blackbird XVIII century. in its original form and give tourists a perfect view of the settlers living.

The more adventurous tourists can go hiking in the Swellendam. Located in Marloth Nature Reserve, this pedestrian path from the & # 39 is one of the most beautiful on the Cape. There are many shorter routes, if the campaign to six days is too long for you. For this trail you will see sites fynbov alternated with cool indigenous forest, small animals and birds. Other parts of the trail will give you a feel in the peaceful and quiet desert. Six-day hike demands from medium and high fitness level, and therefore is not recommended for light heart. Marloth Nature Reserve and a & # 39 is one of the best bird sites on the Western Cape, and so the call to call.

A rare and beautiful Bontebok antelope and other small species of dollars can be seen in the Bontebok National Park. This park is just 6 km from the Svelendama. It also identified 126 different species of birds. On the bank of the river there is a magic Bradley Park caravan, which also has a fully-equipped chalets to rent and the day where visitors can swim, fish or picnic.

In addition to hiking enthusiasts in mind, you can also enjoy a day or two on the river rafting. Adventures on the river rafting Bradley about 2.5 hours drive from Cape Town. In this adventure you will enjoy the day playing in a canoe with two people in the calm waters of the Iroquois Breede, and your nights playing near the fire. Camp Up the Creek is located near Swellendam on a hill overlooking the river to where the chalet A-frame or 3-shaft carriages. This accommodation includes comfortable beds with linen and blankets. In general, it's an adventure worth trying and is ideal for family enjoyment.

Tasting young can be done on the dam Buffeljags. This cultivated wild berry was brought to South Africa in 1939 by prof. Industry boring reduced due to endless problems associated with damage to the wind and rain, or with a large amount of heat, pest attacks and insufficient labor during peak collection from mid-November to early December. Today, more than 90% of the total annual harvest a little more than 600 tons of produce farmers Svelendam area. During a visit to the Hermitage Farm liqueur just 3 km from the city, you can try some of the young liqueurs. Other Youngberry products are also sold here.

Local artists, such as vases Gonchar She du Toita, famous, visit him and other artists of the city.

Other activities that Swellendam has to offer include:

* 4×4 Mountain Experience: Marloth Nature Reserve

* Canoeing on the river Brad * Western cruises adapted storey wooden raft

* Dam Buffeljachts for water sports

* Horse trails

* White water raft the river Breede

* Water skiing

* Several well-known artists settled in Svelendame and their studios can visit

* On the & # 39; in the temple yavitsesya Sulin: Magic Display Supplies

* River Cruise Bradley on a two-storey boat – "Pot se Vlot" * Flying Motorcycle

As you can see, Swellendam is well worth a visit. Come and enjoy a few days holiday in our beautiful city, while we pamper your every need.

Learn more about Garden Route []


The watchman of the railway and the little boy (story)

In ancient times, watchtowers were essential in order to highlight the neighborhood – to guard saw the situation and decided to send an alert or a herald of the future harvest. There are limits that need to be put in order to defend and not give someone suffer. Many centuries ago, there were articles and things that had magical powers, able to deprive the owner of the evil and bring success. When the ship & # 39 is awkward hump of the sea, on the road train is moving with a speed of confused. All will be fully absorbed by the sound of steam whistle of metal inside the engine.

In the noisy train of old Manila, where the train goes to the north or south end of Luzon. Lots of exciting things are registered in the consciousness of a young boy named Gabriel. In his youthful mind it had a lot of questions that need an answer, as well as many different types of signs, which he saw at the crossing, but one thing that interested him was a sign of satire, which is also known as the Cross of St. Andrews. The fact that the signs meant, where it will take fate.

Once at the station, the conductor called to all the passengers were on board as the train will go. The lady said to the conductor: "Please, wait, my son Gabriel is still on the street." The husband went to look for Gabriel.

During busy lifting luggage Gabriel dismissed his mother's skirt. Gabriel persuaded to see what happens in the ring road. There he saw the locomotive is attached to the opposite end of the train. The need to detach the locomotive and pristavlyat motivates young Gabriel to come to the watchman in his floor detachment near the level crossing. Gabriel politely asked the old guard, "Sir, what is the purpose of the separation and mounting of the engine?" Before he answered Gabriel, the old vartavnichka tricked his tobacco – this is what you call a final sortie head, where it allows the locomotive to dissociate themselves from the train. The intention is to go through it in the opposite end, and then get the train from the station in the other direction, "Gabriel excitedly he replied." It's fun, and can I know your name, sir "" You can call me, Filamina or pilot – if the watchman again puffing on tobacco. Gabriel stared aimlessly at the plate with a cross, and then asked: "Mr. Saw, which is the cross?" Caretaker, indicating the place sign signs, said: "It 'saloryya" or "Cross of St Andrews", which should warn road users about the arrival of the train I am responsible for it to stop pedestrians from vehicles or without vehicles, and clean. . track "" I have witnessed many incidents from this moment how many people dare to cross the track to cut his long run, rushing to the other side of the road ", – he continued the saw.

Now Gabriel has to be quite clear that he needs to focus on the age-old warning "Stop, look and listen", that & # 39 is the most reasonable thing that he can do.

Mr. Gabriel saw gave a few tips to keep in mind, we move on the train. During his travels, Gabriel must track the precise location of each signal that he sees, and try to remember all the wonderful things that are behind these signals. Gabriel should know not only about the physical condition of the train, but also about the crew that piloted the train.

Mr Saw shared many stories of Gabriel, as accidents, the fate of which is caused by the people themselves. Lack of awareness was one of the reasons for the death of many railways. Mostly careless crossing, unaware of what to look out for the next two – the north and south, which have led to their untimely death. Mr. saw as an experienced keeper and fanatic book on trains survival guide, also shared a few tips that might help you through the train failed. Mr. Saw drew attention to the importance to find the safest place, which does not give him face. This will secure a seat in the middle of the car during the collision time, and if it was a rail – the one who was sitting in the car for at least one or two back from the train center is a secure seat. But an accident no one ever sees. When it was time to choose which side of the seat was secure, you need to grab a seat for the passage, which was the rear seat for the passage to the rear of the train. In addition, you should always pay attention to the messages from the conductor of the train about every situation on the train and off. Mr. saw also explained the importance of the use of any alarm to warn the train driver. When it was time to jump off the train, I had to jump off the end of the last car. Last machine, at least, moved slowly, and with this move could jump. Mr Saw said the location of all emergency windows and a tribute to the contraction of the rubber ring, painted in red color, as well as the door panel. Mr. Gabriel saw also advised to get acquainted with the various emergency signs located inside the train. Mr. saw finally gave instructions to Gabriel that while the situation dealing with evil spirits, it must always be attentive to the analysis of the situation and should be filled with great inflexibility in order to survive and save the other's life when he can.

While the saw, turning his eyes to heaven, prayed for a safe journey of Gabriel and his family & # 39; and. Gabriel joyfully thanked Mr saw because he shared his vast knowledge of what he was padryhtovshchykam and vyzhyvalnikam. Gabriel gave a token of gratitude to Mr. saw his lucky coin. If the train was about to move away from pure sound, which is called the name of Gabriel, he became louder when the father approached. "Mr. saw, this is my father, Mr. Zhazelita" presented Gabriel. "Hello, it's nice that I met with my son," – said Mr. Zhazelita politely. "" We were looking for you, Gabriel, where have you been all this time? "- said Mr. Zhozelita -. I lead a meaningful conversation with Mr. saw, and now I'm full of so many know about the awareness of travel," Gabriel replies, "I'm so grateful to you, Mr. saw, and nice to meet you, the train will go right now. hello, and I'll see you again ", – he mentioned Mr. Zhozelita. God bless you, – said Mr. saw.

If the father and son had to leave, Gabriel returned to Mr. saw and whispered to him: "That coin, which I delivered to you, was minted in a leap year, and was discovered by his father in the street during a storm up to the head, the old people said that this coin It brings success. If only the green horse fell into this coin, it is a harbinger of danger. " Gabriel recalled.

Gala overseer, though afraid of superstitions a little boy, just razmahav both men and returned to his office. Mr saw, peering into the misty path of the train window, began to hear the sly, gruff sound of the train, which drove Gabriel and his family & # 39; I adkochvavsya the platform.

This is the first time Gabriel was riding on the train, which was heading to the province of parents – Bicol. I was bored to visit in the footsteps of his grandfather. Unstable shaking caused train Gabriel excitement when he tried to get around each machine. Gabriel was watching each passenger and souvenir gifts that they bring their relatives and friends. There was one scene that caught his eye, he saw his mother, who was trying to hide her child from wandering leader – this kid had a ticket to the show. Large and small boxes, a bank with different biscuits were the usual items that bring passengers. Next to the passenger with the other passengers; This 10-hour pass so much time they can talk slowly.

Arriving in the evening, everything rested on his assigned seat and heavily bombarded, while Gabriel enjoyed watching out the window, looking for a quick overview of the external landscape and the frequent location of fireflies flashing lights attached to trees or sometimes just outside the windows. Father said that during his childhood went, that the windows were open, as opposed to the time of Gabriel, the windows have a transparent solid glass, protected by metal grates to block the stones that were thrown by people living along the roads. The train is usually placed at each station so that passengers can get rid of the hard muscles during long sitting. Gabriel had fun buying products on the shelves or peddler.

The next day, the train arrived in the city of Nagano. Gabriel and his parents searched zhypni, which will bring them into the house of his grandfather. The journey was so tiring, and the only consolation they were passing along with green rice fields and tall coconut trees. They went to the market and into the small alley leading to the house of his grandfather. They respect the dead, and then joined the other relatives to exchange requests. Their stay was less stressful and carefree, far from the noisy and busy city. Gabriel played with cousins ​​in the park and tried a lot of outdoor games. Gabriel so much fun. At one time, searching for adult weavers Sheryakov suitable to deal with spiders, Gabrielle stumbled on a silver chain with a pendant with an arrow, like the eye. Gabriel picked it up and went home. Little boy proudly showed it to all the guests in the house, and one old man recognized him, saying that the silver chain arrowhead protects the wearer from diseases and protects against the evil eye, while the suspension eye, as we know, was Eye of Horus – ancient symbol associated with the supernatural in the perception of things external senses. Gabriel with superstitious beliefs took this sura & # 39; ozna and kept him wherever he went. These amulets will be more powerful if the one who wears it will be a kind heart.

The day came when Gabriel and his parents were going to leave. They said goodbye to the family and thanked for such an unforgettable stay. They went ahead to the railway station. Their journey will once again be a long and tortuous journey. Gabriel put on the two wards, turned his eyes to the sky and prayed for deliverance.

Returning to Tutuban station where Mr Peel was expecting the morning the train arrives, I put a happy coin on the window sill. Suddenly, on a coin sitting green horse. Mr Saw, shaken by fear, made the sign of the cross and went outside to watch the unusual.

When evening came and quietly grew, Gabriel fell asleep, but his body was inactive, but other senses raised threat. Gabriel clearly seen in the following risk breaking when the train which they traveled, jumping the rails of about 1 mile from Tutuban station. Gabriel ignored the first warning sign, but with the passage of time – the more unpleasant emotions aroused his belief that something is likely to happen. Gabriel only addressed to parents. "Father, I have a feeling the ambulance accident, which occurred in dreams" – Gabriel admitted. Mr. Zhozelita raised two talismans worn by Gabriel, and said: "This pendant is grieving eyes help you see events outside the ordinary sense, even if it's not convincing, I must warn the driver that he was holding the train" at a faster pace, although I may seem out of place, we must ensure the safety of all passengers, "- said Mr. Zhozelita.

At the station Tutuban Mr. saw continued to think about the admonition Gabriel, wasted no time called for reserve staff employees vacate office, having parked the truck and took him to the south to test broken rails, which he brought with him an oil lamp to give it brightness brightness, he directed the truck as far as possible, until he fell out with the stroller is not derailed, it was a dangerous and the danger that it believed its superstitious belief. From that moment broken rails, Mr. went on to direct the saw carriage forward to more than a mile, which were seen broken rails. When Mr. saw thought that it is at least two or three miles from the place where they were seen broken rails, he immediately called back to the locomotive engineers and reported broken rails at a distance of 1 mile from the intersection of the level curve, they need to close railway crossing and send an alarm signal to the car. Mr Saw postponed cart and began to watch next to the railroad, if one day he would see the train, it will send a signal by waving a gas lamp to meet the train.

Returning to the train, Mr. Zhoselita walked to the train driver and told him about the danger, but the train driver could not believe this assumption. Mr. Zhoselita train driver said that if he somehow considered superstitious, it is time to heed his warning. The driver of the train had just said: "In the near future we get to the station, you need to sit down, because it's all right if I did not call on my radio to redirect this train." Mr. Zhazelita could not do anything but pray that what he saw in his sleep a little Gabriel, will never happen. The train moving at about 45 miles per hour, which is more than three times the speed limit along the track curve, where the rails have been punched.

There were a lot of incidents where the railway track was not reliably filled up, and sometimes more than the residents spread their metal parts, causing an accident off the rails.

At a distance of three miles from where Mr. saw stood, guarding the railroad. Train driver phoned a locomotive engineer, pointing to slow down as they approach the broken rails just 1 mile from the crossing. After receiving the warning, the train driver immediately slowed down and four times (long-long-short-long) strengthened the light from the headlights and ditch with the accompanying sound of the horn. A loud noise was heard, where Mr saw standing. Mr saw immediately stepped onto the rail and waved a kerosene oil lamp to send the signal coming train. On the near distance of the train driver saw the lamp swung, and just train began to reduce speed and came screeching railroad, so that all the passengers were severely vsazhany. Their hearts pounded with fear and trembling, all bathed in sweat after this terrible moment. The train has successfully made a full stop, reaching the next mile.

Mr saw went up to the door and checked the train, do not damage it. At the last car he found Gabriel and his family & # 39; u very safe. Gabriel ran to Mr. Peel and embraced him as their savior. "Thank you, Mr. saw, for your strong commitment to save lives," – said Gabriel. Mr. saw by holding lucky coin, which gave him Gabriel, said: "Thanks are also happy that the coin you gave me, it's really a godsend."

Once there, the desire to wait for a quick fix of broken rails give a good result. All passengers were safely taken back to the station platform. Some went to the store to satisfy your hunger, and Gabriel and his parents stayed with Mr. saw, talking about every detail of the story.

When two souls will interact through their superstitious belief, with & # 39 will be a strong positive energy that will fit auspicious events. Train causes various thrill in our journey. It can clean up the other way. In a cold and foggy night will come trembling abrasions, its structure still shines, slowly moving away from the station and the destination. Its full of grasping, shrieking and rolling along the old path that passes through the villages, like soft blows in the middle of the night.


The left bank of luxury

After a 45-minute boat ride our ferry BC prychalvaetstsa in Otter Bay on Pender Island, or "Pendery," as the locals say. Both Pendery (north and south islands) were once associated wide neck of land known as the Indian portage. Narrow canal was dug in 1903 to take advantage of steamship transportation through the plant. The islands remained distinct, adnapalosny bridge until it was built in 1955.

In Pendery mild climate, many parks and hiking trails, and almost forty beach access to the beach. South Pender has about 10% of the population, less expensive and a lot of natural unspoiled vegetation. North Pender has most of the population. There is no city center, but there is a small shopping area (Driftwood Center) with petrol station, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, shops, liquor, bakery and banks.

We drive 15 km from Hope Bay to the resort and therefore resort. We meet the super-friendly staff at the front desk. "Why is this resort called" Fuel poet "I ask over the next two days, no one can give me an answer, but the stunning architecture, design inter & # 39;?. Career and tranquility of the resort make it easy to understand.

When we study the resort, we find that solid wood, granite and soft colors combine perfectly together, creating a general feeling of warmth and comfort. The resort offers three types of accommodation: villas, cottages and lodges. Each of them elegantly decorated overlooking the Marina and Bedwell Harbor. It is easy to see why any poet who should pay her salt would have found this beautiful, romantic and cozy resort is truly inspiring.

Extra mile shows in every detail: from the floor of the bathroom, warm door chained fireplaces, granite counter tops and private hot tubs, complimentary cards, chocolate truffles, toiletries, bath towels and complex. Our cottage has a column, barbecue and hot tub. A feeling that someone really do not care.

Our vacation at the resort would not be a holiday in the resort without treatment at the spa Susurrus ( "whispering sound"), so we ordered a massage and pedicure. Spa with six spacious rooms. Outside on the deck is a sandstone steam cave with a large waterfall and jacuzzi downstairs. Selecting the service includes facial treatment, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, massages and beauty treatments. Once we & # 39; are after, we see the satisfaction on the face of each other.

After ingestion in our private hot tub we spend a quiet night in our house overlooking the marina. We wake up the next morning and go to breakfast in the restaurant Aurora, luxurious dining room with attentive staff. Breakfast is excellent, serving some of the best "bench" is on the west coast! Later we return to dinner that night. We follow the suggestion of our waiter Andres and very rewarded. When we sit in front of a warm fire sipping red wine from Andres, which provides us with an excellent meal, it is easy to say that we were at the resort the first class! All of the Poet Kaveh first class.

Attendance center surprises us with what is available. Whale watching, eco-tours, tours of the vineyards, fishing, sailing, scuba diving and kayaking. The resort has two swimming pools and a well-equipped fitness center.

To complete the visit to Pendery, we visit a number of local businesses. First – Blood Star Gallery. We have seen the works of Susan Taylor in the dining room in the bay of the Poet. Her gallery is located on the southern tip of the island Pender and has an incredible view of Mount Baker. Paintings, drawings and folk art by Susan Taylor and Frank Ducot inspire the sea and island.

We check a luxurious bed and breakfast Sahhali Oceanfront and meet new owners Frank and Michelle Hiebert. They show us their newest renovations to get involved in high-level housing on Oak Bluff!

Carol Hoffmann at B & B Ferndale most affectionate to show us the place, even though it has a full guest room. Spacious bedrooms and a comfortable guest room – the main points of the night and supervision.

A place of their own supervisory control and recreation Ken and Jean Daley, very friendly hosts. They offer a private suite on the ground floor with private entrance overlooking the sea channel. Near the water have a deck for storage and canoeing. This is a great place to kayak as it faces the protective channel where Mayne Island.

In the gallery of the Renaissance can buy unique homemade jewelry and search for unusual antiques. "Arcadia on the beach" Peter & Tessa Emmings "has a heated pool, hot tub, tennis court and several small cabins. Great place for a family holiday. The Hope Bay marina we find the kayak on the island of Pender. It's a great little protected spot to launch adventure kayaking.

After our day of exploring Penderav, we will have lunch in the restaurant "Islander" Pendery in the North, near the ferry docks. This elegant restaurant is located in a renovated house on the water and it serves exceptional food. The owner Zhorzhyna – chef and wonderful hostess. In the offseason, she is making a real effort to a & # 39; to unite society. Some of its activities include night "guest chef", "night starving artist" and a pajama party. Visitors, tourists are always welcome. Our dish is delicious and divine deserts.

The next day we headed for the ferry to return to Victoria. For many years I have heard about the burgers that fall to "stand" in the House of ferry traffic. I'll try one. Believe me, I am not disappointed.

P.S. If you do not know, the west coast of Canada is often called (in jest) "left coast".