Book Review – ABC sisters Monica McInerney

I can not explain why it took me until 2013 to read my first novel by Monica McInerney. She is an Australian author of international bestsellers, including: "The taste for it," "Upside down inside," "twisting the bottle" and "The Secret of Lola." I often share books with friends and family & # 39; s and was not familiar with Monica McInerney, until I was handed a book called "The Sisters of the alphabet." The book was soon reading, filled with dynamic characters who come to life with the authors of great physical attributes of the details, as well as emotional characteristics. McInerney intertwining beautiful story about the inconvenience of some & # 39; and has overcome their own fears and selfish honor. I can apologize for what had not read this beautiful story (it was copyrighted in 2004), and I can say without a doubt that I will read more in McInerney's books in the near future.

This wonderful work going on in the Clare Valley of South Australia before the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Lola's birthday, grandmother's sister alphabets. Lola decided substituting & # 39; to unite advechanyh grandson in a small motel something & # 39; and sweet wine country. Girls require grandmother (rather cautious) and come to the motel. They are not going to be as close as they used to like singing team as shameful sisters ABC, including eccentric outfits and melodies. Family dynamics Var & # 39; iruetstsa from uncomfortable and hard to soft and loving as the story unfolds. In McInerney is possible embodiments of the heroes in life, without having to become anigonim any person. Each of the sisters has to love Anna oldest and quickly takes on the responsibility, Bette – the average child, sometimes feels uncomfortable and unsure of herself, and Kerry – the youngest and the sister who never had if her brothers and sisters came back, still in the Clare valley motel supervised by their parents. Lola – a witty grandmother and matriarchal family; She also has a secret that does not go towards the end of the book. To learn more about her secret, you can take a copy of the short secret Lola & # 39; s Secret, which entered the list of winning the Australian book industry in 2012 and was published in the US in October 2012.

Sister "Alphabet" carefully studying the dynamics of some & # 39; and, family relationships and rivalries, secrets and different points of view. McInerney came to life a variety of unique characters whose connections and relationships cheered their outdated grandmother, Lola, which was the catalyst for the bonds of & # 39; family unity & # 39; and amendments and broken relationships. McInerney's first job in high school, at age 17, was a girl, a wardrobe, and then a writer. She pulled out of himself, when the story of sisters "Alphabet" was developed with the domestic performance, audition, local amateur talent and full of spectacle for the financing of new ambulances.