In our next trip – why do we have to stay in a bed and breakfast?

Why even stay for breakfast?

Good question … why would you even consider "breakfast" against other places to stay … still the last place where you left off … seemed … OK! In addition, there are plenty of hotels and resorts, where you head down the road … or … you could easily choose one of them … right?

Sure … sure … I used to ask myself that every time we are going to travel on business and / or pleasure … or … even if we decided to go on I "A trip to the exit" at the weekend … So when we checked further accommodation in B & B, we found out some interesting things.

For example, now I have a lot more race. Parties. When we first started to look for, the choice of B & B at the place of residence, such as B & B, room availability, price, convenience, etc. I was quite limited.

Now there are many more, so when we decided where we want to go … and if we wanted to stay at a boarding house … well, usually, was near one.

In addition, we found that, as in any other traditional place to stay (for example, hotel or motel) pension vary depending on what they could offer … everything depended on what we were looking for, or what they wanted!

Now you can usually find it almost anywhere, wherever you decide to travel or you have to travel.

Since we are talking about, where are pensions, allow me to convey this advice … the quickest way to find accommodation and negligence is on the Internet … in many homes have internet these days (and homeowners can easily get access to the network) . … so if you choose a place where going to travel / visit … likely that the area will be one.

… I wonder … BUT !!

All this is interesting to check out, but if you're like me, I still need a good reason why I should stay in the B & B on your next vacation, family gatherings, business or anything!

As someone who knows (especially those who are on the network), the Internet there are many articles about traveling … and lots of bi-businesses … including the main "home" pensions for a palace … former mansion, where virtually lived seven & # 39; and … that is now converted into a B & B.

However, most of these articles (and in many cases video) tell us what a wonderful time you and your family & # 39; I, relatives, friends, etc. will have, if you stay in their B & B (and you probably will) … plus, they keep all those wonderful things that B & B has to offer!

In principle, all these articles (and / or video) – this is advertising, which is trying to convince you to stay there when you visit the area.

So why write about B & Bs?

My wife and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, is the "home" bed and breakfast … Now we would like you to come and stay with us, but we both know that's probably never going to happen … and everything is in order, because you "do or not" Stay with us (or B & B), you can still take advantage of this Article.

It was written so that if you go to the next trip, and no matter where you are going … you're thinking about whether to stay in the B & B, especially if you've never stayed in any!

For us, we find a guesthouse, wherever we went, and stayed there … so I highly recommend them.

In addition, despite the fact that the economy is not as good as it was in the past, people still travel (and travel a lot), both business and pleasure … and especially on holiday taken for & # 39; family unity & # 39; and.

Thus, I hope that this article will help you (the traveler / parties) to realize that there are other places to stay, which previously, you may not have noticed.

No matter where you go and no matter why you are going there, just remember that there are many good reasons why you should stay in a B & B … The reasons why I am glad to share with you.

By the way, most of the causes are not mine … they are not thought … rather, they were close to the guests who have stayed with us over the years … and they came up with some good!

If I can help you or get more information, just contact me … and remember this:

Think of finding the B & B in the next trip … you'll be happy!