tiny houses

All nonsense!

Tiny houses, a small mobile home, made in homes are popular. "Small spaces allow to obtain a small budget!", – says Vera Smith from St. Louis, Missouri. I want a small house, so that I can recover in a few years.

Tiny house all captured. HGTV (cable network for home and garden) is hosting "Hunter house", in which several episodes demonstrated a tiny house. It seems that the most true "tiny house" comes with wheels that roll on the highway, or slip, allowing to place the first place, with easy-to-move option. Personally, if I buy a house on wheels, it will be a holiday.

The idea to build and live in a tiny house I really like. Do you like it? Appeal extends far and wide. For many reasons, young and old choose the more affordable ownership homes.

How much is a tiny house?

What I did not like by HGTV tiny houses – the price of a small house. At prices which they led, it was to be held for sale BOGO (Buy One Get One Free).

In more than one episode costs increased by 50 thousand., In one case, 80K cost and all 250 square feet. For what they paid for, it is the design of inter & # 39; a career, because, believe me, the house could not have done so much to build. I do not care if he was transported from one side to the other and produced with the most expensive doors and windows on the market: no house, no 250-square-foot construction cost eighty thousand dollars!

Small portable structure built on zanoskah

On the skid there is a guarantee period of life, when you buy from the right manufacturer of portable buildings. Quality design is flawless, it is built like a million dollars, much larger structure.

Not all portable buildings made equal. Some are built with 16-inch centers, others – no. Some manufacturers put a spare timber in the corners, while others cut corners whenever possible. Qualitative structure of the small building is almost always built with this skill Amish.

Watch out for companies that claim to be the highest quality. You do not have to be Amish to build a beautiful building. What you need is a history in the construction of high quality buildings. What do previous buyers about the quality of their acquired buildings.

Do research and spend time on the decision. Most people can be easy to sell, do not be one of those people. Owning a home – sur & # 39; oznaya investment. You need all your eggs in the basket, all the collected evidence, to take high-quality solution. Popularity of tiny houses is obvious. We did not sell quickly.


Do not waste 80 K to a small building, be real.

You'd better not buy a small portable building on skids and easy to place it anywhere? Perhaps you really want to wheel against drifts. If so, you need someone to put it on the trailer, it still does not have to cost 80K.

If you decide to put your house on solid ground, skidding makes it easy to navigate later. Your building is truly portable. Partly structure sets the pace for small utilities and services. For today's busy people for many reasons, we spend more time at work and at school or away from home than we have in the house. If your house is really matelny number, fill it up and save by buying a tiny cottage.