Kasbah Taourirt proves prablisk the past Morocco

In Morocco, there are so many ancient monuments that you could spend a lifetime by visiting them and studying them, and there were so many places, like to imagine (as in Casablanca) Or real (as in Lawrence of Arabia) World events that change lives. I remember seeing a revival of the David Lean film Lawrence of Arabia in London about 1989, twenty years after it first came out, and I knew right away that he was shot in the vicinity of one of my favorite spiritual exercises in Morocco – near the city of Ouarzazate in the ancient Berber village of Ait Benhaddu. These places would be worth a visit on their own, but the real appeal for me – Kasbah Tauryrt.

Kasbah – is the inner part of the city, Medina option. Tauryrt Kasbah – one of the largest in North Africa, the place where they lived in ancient times, military leaders and protect themselves from external attacks. More recently, a hundred years ago, the French gave tribal leaders in this sector, most of Morocco strength to avoid attempts to control the various tribes of the center in the south of the country by French troops, that would be too expensive. .

Qasba Tauryrt has high wall without windows. It was built on a series of low hill, to make it easier to protect. Kasbah Taourirt is best described as a network of multi-level floors of buildings with turrets and towers, which rise from a closely packed Xury (family housing within the Kasbah), fortified ramparts and a number of oil and gateways. There are more than twenty rivers or old Moroccan mansions that make up the Tauryrt. It was a hive or a city within the city.

Inside the Kasbah you will find dozens of mysterious staircases leading to the unique shape of the room, lit by low windows. The large rooms have a stucco decoration representing floral patterns, which contrast sharply with the bleached white walls. In a single palace pastures there are about three hundred rooms.

Its tightly packed houses and stately towers, which are made from a mixture of chalk and sand, which froze as cement, almost imperceptibly blend with the surrounding landscape of red and ocher. As blocks of clay houses sit on the unforgiving sun, protected only in the shadow of neighbors and narrow doorways often & # 39 are the only link with the outside world. Light and air is passed to cool the inter & # 39; er through the central yard.

Since many of the Kasbah have declined, and what you are likely to show local guides – it recovered part of the (UNESCO), which are located near the main road, as well as their backyard and reception rooms. If you, like me, craving a deeper understanding Tauryrta Kasbah, ask your guide to take you to Tauryrta rear, which is still inhabited by the local seven & # 39; families. For twenty dirhams, which invariably change, the locals are always ready to show you his life and see your life that occurred here since the beginning of recorded time.

If your intelligence Tauryrta Qasba will lead you in the evening, I urge you to have a drink and look to the west of the caf├ęs on the terrace, you will find next to the studios of stone, copper and silver works, the right of the Kasbah. If you enjoy something cool sitting on this terrace, you can experience an unforgettable view of the Saharan sun to the fortified village. You will likely want to go back.