Remembering summer in December

Would not it be so nice to have coffee and cakes on the terrace overlooking the sea? You must be joking if you do not agree with me. I mean, come on, it’s summer, and that’s how we have to have breakfast or perhaps a healthy lunch of seafood – fresh lobster, crab, shrimp, fish and vegetable salad.
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Yum yum! Later in the afternoon, it would be nice to lie in a hammock under the shade of a tree, listening to favorite “summer song” that you have on your iPod, and a mango shake or halo-halo. It really is truly refreshing.
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Or maybe you could walk along the beach barefoot, feeling the sun on your skin, water and sand on your feet and wait for the wonderful sunset, only beaches in the Philippines can offer. You watch how the sky changes its color shades – from a relaxing shade of blue to yellow to fiery red to cool red-purple in the darkness napavnyalay star of the night.
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You relax with your friends at the beach, sitting in a circle in the middle of the fire, providing you with light. Sit, cool, someone pulls out a guitar, he starts to play, you sing. You like, you’ll have fun. You n & # 39; eat, dance and feel at ease. And you say to yourself: “Summer – it’s love That’s what.”.
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Who would not want that? I know. And I want it so bad that nothing can not think.
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For breakfast I had a cold coffee and buns. I had seafood for dinner. I listen to songs from their summer OrtoPilot and Rogue Wave. Everything seems perfect, but unfortunately, I’m not anywhere near the beach or outside the home.
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Every day I wake up and do the same thing: Turn on your laptop, I will come in to Facebook, check email and make breakfast. By 8:00 am I go to the office. I stayed there until 5:30 pm and go home. I feel like I’m such a loser, like all the others, who came to the beach and enjoy the summer; Here I am in the Facebook-ki room. I look at the new uploaded photos of friends – all of these summer trips.
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Summer, and people need to be somewhere on the beach, in the mountains or in the house of friends, singing karaoke. But I did not. I want to get out of this chamber called OJT. I want to go to the beach and enjoy the summer … even just for a day.
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I want to go home and stay all day in the sun, even if it means the sun burns and heat stroke (well, I hope not). But as they say, good education takes time. And I would like to think that my summer OJT worth the time.
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I miss the street. I miss the outdoors. I am not an enthusiast in the fresh air, but I like to be outdoors, to dive on the beach, walking uphill or simply just watch the people where I am. But most of all I miss the beach – sand, sea, sun, kites, wind, breeze, beach … all the bumps on the beach – I miss.
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I carefully asked his friends to change their profile shooting. They may have any photos that want to spend the summer as long as it’s not a beach, and their background. Some fulfilled; most of them scoffed and said that I can spend summer trip, when will my OJT; some even went to the extent that point me to their images. flights
It hurts, so I give in defense mechanism. I ratsyyanalizuyu. I’m sour grapes. I sugar.
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on the job training is good for me. Besides the fact that I need to finish school, the OJT puts me in the “real” world. It makes me realize that between theory and reality, there is a big difference: the four walls of the office – it’s not a prison cell, and a place for further education, a place to open my eyes to the true nature of practices of work with human resources in the workplace.
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For me it is an opportunity to grow and become a witness to the fact that it seems is out of school. It’s a chance to evaluate themselves, where I stand in comparison with people outside my circle. For me there is an opportunity to share experiences this summer with friends, with whom I do not usually hang out to talk to them about anything; elections, why we will vote for our candidate, hope that our candidate will win the election, in office hours, in the pseudo-summer love affairs, deadlines. flights
Meeting with my meeting – that’s fine, but what is more – it is to communicate with people from different backgrounds and know what they are thinking about random things and learn from them. So far I have learned that no matter how I try to approach on the & # 39 objective and logical, it just will not work, as most people when deciding hopes on their instincts and feels in the gut, even if it does not make sense.
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No matter how much I believe that my proposals are feasible and logical, most people do not take them immediately, especially the boss, if he outsmart them. In the real world, I have to be humble, because there are many people who are much better than I, who know more than I, and who are much more experienced than I am in life.
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I learned that each person has a story, and like any other stories, a lesson or two are being studied. And I believe that this is the practice. And yes, it’s worth more than my summer.