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& # 39; guys are organized daily routine. They rise early in the morning prayers, a bit of exercise and yoga before breakfast. Volunteers can get up when we like, but this morning I join the boys. After breakfast, I usually head to the library to prepare worksheets for class English. "- says Katrina sofa of their morning hours while volunteering in an orphanage in the center of Rajasthan, the south-western state of India.

Like her, thousands of volunteers have given their time and energy, ranging from two weeks to six months, to teach boys the basic English. She had come to travel in India, but found out about this opportunity, which would give it the best experience of India that she could ever. She jumped up and grabbed the offer.

& # 39; I loved my time at Bal Ashram (asylum). It's a great feeling, to teach children, you will find that if you are a & # 39; Ride, they also have much to teach you. Make volunteering a part of my travels meant that I was fortunate that part of India that tourists rarely see. This allows people to understand a little better, and truly appreciate the wonderful experience that will give you India! & # 39; she adds.

The need for enrichment in the orphanage is very high. They are full of edges, and the administration has staff who lacks the number and enthusiasm to enrich the boys in the orphanage. It is unlikely that the remaining energy after the daily work of the shelter.

The "Orphan Care" can change the lives of these young lives. Caring for children can be a variety of ways. No special skills are required frequently, as volunteers have to spend time on the game, reading, sports and the division of time with the kids. Your "time" – this is what kids want with the attention. They crave for themselves role models, which seek and try to be. Many of our host organization works a few officers, volunteers and attention gives children extra love that they need.

The mother of one of the volunteers from the United States during the program wrote: "Sarah went on the freedom of the children in the village of Virat Nagar, near Jaipur She loved children, and she felt warmth of the people and the beauty of India's daughter returned from the broader perspective, the most gratitude and.. completely new sense of purpose in life. "

Looking at things from under the gaze of absolute outsider, you will give a great contribution to move forward in life. This is an opportunity, along with many others, that are in stock and provide a great goal for all of us to live the life that we live. If only we could take some time and help those who do not, and at least give them a chance to see the world that they will never see.

Come, share your world with the world, you never see!