Flood of '96

Phone rang just a few minutes after eleven at night. It said my wife Marie. She yelled, "This is Bob, including 28 channel." I have included a T V and tuned in to WBRE-TV 28. The reporter talked to the director of the EMA Jim Siracusa, who stated that they expect the river to reach 36 feet. Dam range from 37 feet to 39 feet, and he said that would be too close to call. Emergency Management Agency Luzern County orders evacuations conduct a broad valley. By seven in the morning it was necessary.

Deja vu. We live a few blocks from the river Suskehanna forty fort Pennsylvania. June 22, 1972 of cancer pour the dam and flooded the entire valley to the level of nearly 40.6 feet. At that time we had two giant shnautsery, Ch. Camo Stone from the East and Ch. von Russ Britt swells, the couple mother-daughter. We had a very short time. Marie I had to throw me into the office a few blocks to move the files to the second floor and pick up the car, which was parked there. I went home and put the dog things in personal car when sirens began to sound. As long as you do not feel the siren sounds and do not understand what it means that the river exceeded the dump or dam ruptured, and a river that runs through you will not be able to realize what a horrible sound. When I left the house with jam, water flowed down the street. Marie & # 39; riding a few minutes early and drove Pazaza into another car. We were supposed to meet in the house of friends from the floodplain. Within a few days we took the clothes and enough food and water. Not only that we knew that our home would be almost fourteen feet of water and we will be a week.

This time, as soon as I heard the word "evacuation," I said to Mary: "Pack the clothes, and I paklapochusya of dog things." I immediately thought that the next thing they will usher in – water is the recommendation, it means that the water is not suitable for drinking. I took a container with water for one giant shnautsera see. background Rus Foley Berger & # 39; and collected enough water to last her a week (15 gallons). I also believe the food for a week in a metal container with drugs with her and a tray for feeding and water.

The telephone rang, and this time it was our friend Anna Chervenak. She and Max have Barcikowski Beagle, Sparkle. She said that they were going to Victoria to stay and meet us there. I called the Victoria Inn, but found that as long as I packed the clothes and supplies for dogs in my Maxi Van, others called to book. The rooms are not available. Next I called the Knights Inn, because the path of travel of dogs, I knew that they accept pets. On Saturday, there is no room. I stipulated the two numbers. One for us and one for our friend Bob Adams, Carney has ter & # 39; EPA, Darcy. Now it was close to midnight, Friday 19.1996.

Because of our experience, which shows the giant shnautserav over twenty-five years, we are used to pack the necessary things for our dogs and for themselves. We left home in the morning hours of the morning many times to go to dog shows. My wife Marie have a list of things you can take for us and the dogs. That evening, the list went to the place where it was possible to win Best of Breed and Group locations, it was life and death. We have everything to lose if the river came through the dam. We threw everything that belongs to us, to the street, to take after the flood "72", and it looked as we again find ourselves in the same situation.

Again the phone rang. It was John. Like many dogs, he had two vehicles, passenger car and station wagon for the dogs. Bob had to be moved from one vehicle to the next level. I said that once I'll go for the machine and go back to him. Now there were about thirty AM

Throughout this Marie died a TV, and when I came back from Bob, she said that they have informed the public that will be communicated to place evacuation centers, and they are not going to accept pets in the center. This meant that a hundred thousand people had to leave their homes. What are they going to do with your pets? Our cars have a dog for dogs, but most pet owners have only a collar and walk to your pet. What are they going to do?

People living in the flood plane or near the ocean and are on the path of the hurricane should have an evacuation plan that includes their pets. The first thing you should consider is transportation of the animal or crate that will fit in your car. Even if you were in the resort, you can keep the dog in a box or carrier if it is a cat. You need something safe to save an animal if you are not able to reside with him. It also means training your pet to enjoy your stay in the box!

Next, it is to eat at least a few days. Metal. The plastic container is best, as it will keep food dry and easy to carry and store, if you stop somewhere. Water for your pet is easily transferred to a two-liter plastic bottles with soda. Be worn NACHAGA CHATSTS dnev. Labels on the containers' heap of food "," VACHNAYA WATER ". Water from a variety of sources can cause digestive upset and give additional problems with diarrhea. Make sure you are taking any medications needed for your pet.

The medicine for worms from the heart should not be forgotten, since it is necessary to appoint a daily basis, if you do not have your pet on a monthly medication. Another important factor – is that your pet is accustomed to driving in your car. Many pet drive a car only when they need to take to the vet. This is a somewhat traumatic experience for the animals, and if the vets you ride with you only if he does not collect your trip easier to evacuate a dog, which upset and possibly throw up. Another safety factor that we practice – never let go of the collar for your pet if it is in a box. The animal can vzrushytstsa because of the situations that may be exposed to, and the collar can get to the crate and the dog can choke. We always engage the collar and conduct to the door battens, so that he was always available when we want to take the animal out of crates.

If it is absolutely impossible to take your pet with you, placing cattle in the highest room in the house – the next best thing. Do not tie the animal to anything, let it freely. Pick a room with secure door. Place the paper in one corner of the room. Put at least two days of the diet in a large frying pan, for example, a roasting pan, and make sure that you give a lot of water in containers that can not be easily reset. The animal can go a few days without food, but the water is very necessary. If it is winter, provide a few blankets to lay the animal in heat, because electricity must be switched off and the house will not heat. Put something in front of any windows in the room to avoid the possibility that the animal can jump out of the window and the break in an attempt to escape. You can clean up any mess when you return to your hopefully in a few days.

Another factor, which is necessary to think – it is in case of fire. There are stickers that can be stuck to the door, which reported the fire, that you have a pet, and also indicate what kind and how much. In your fire safety plan should include your hobbies and what you can do with them when you leave the house.

People had to be evacuated, said WBRE-TV: in Clark Summit, a town about twenty-five miles, there was a lady who had a great abagravanuyu horse barn and makes it available for pets, but they had to be in a box. In addition, in some nurseries for planting with flood areas were still vacancies.

We decided to leave our house around 2:30 in the morning and go across the river to the area of ​​Knights Inn, before the bridges were closed. They closed the bridge at the beginning of the flood "72". Dreams and Bob followed me, and I went to the restaurant for the night about 3 o'clock in the morning. I have a small TV which beats the battery of my van. I took this to the fact that we can inform about events related to the river.

In the afternoon on Friday, the temperature has reached 60 degrees. At 3 o'clock in the morning the temperature was 17 degrees, and the cold wind lowered it to 12 degrees. We have Bob had our dog in the car, and that meant that we must continue to go to the car and start the engine to warm the dogs. In my minivan has a curtain that hangs just behind the crate for the dog to keep the heat in the maxi-wagons. I was able to save about 68 degrees temperature overnight. At dawn we went to Victoria Tavern to stay with Max and Anna, have been unable to go to the knight's hotel.

We sat and watched TV. Remember the war in the Persian Gulf, as you could see how the war is going to your living room. Due to the coverage of local TV channels we could watch the flood scene, how it happened. Some of the scenes were very graphic and scary. There was one scene where the fire lifts up in the water to the waist, in order to save a dog left tied to a dog's board next to the river. Another scene showed officers of the National Guard, which was carrying a golden retriever with floods. The dog licked his face. There were other stories about pets that were left behind, and drowned. Not everyone was willing to take with your pet.

River spinning 34.38 feet approximately 5 mils. Saturday. We could go back to our house the next day. Our dogs are safe and healthy, because we had the experience to travel with them and be ready to take the things necessary for the preservation and zdarovastsi. They acted as if he were going on a dog show, dog shows through experience.