Philippine tricycle – The Complete Guide

Tricycle – a motorcycle with a side car, or for carrying passengers or for transporting goods.

There is a third type of tricycle – Tricycle pedal or pedykab. It's just a motorcycle equipped with a lateral carriage.

Tricycles, which are commonly referred to as trick (pronounced "three"), became another Filipino icon.

Initially they worked on small roads where jeeps and buses are prohibited, but today you will find a technique everywhere, even on the national highways. But they are not allowed on expressways (toll roads).

danger road

It tricycles (and jeeps) made sure that a trip to the Philippine highways were so slow. Trickey, and often pedykaby just put together a snail's pace, often in fast lane bypass, ignoring the blast of horns from other drivers who want to overtake.

And this trick often leads to head-on collisions of drivers who do not have the patience to spud and carefully. It all comes back to the main road rules here – "It is possible, right!" – tricks and fit the bottom of the stairs, only one peradavine on dogs, cats, Sugar and pedestrians.

Through a combination of SUV and the trick on the highway, the ride from the city of San Fernando, La Union, in Angeles can often takes four hours – is the average speed of only 45 kilometers per hour.

legal requirements

Passenger trick has a capacity up to five persons, including the driver. However, quite often you'll see Tricky that carry up to 10 passengers, some on the roof, in other zatykayutstsa stroller, and more – on the seat behind the driver, one on the fuel tank in front of the driver, and the other hanging stage and back trick.

In the province of La Union Trickey must be in color. In Baang Tricky area all blue; further to the north of the city of San Fernando they are white; Still further to the north of San Juan they are red; in Baknotana are orange, and Balaoana – bright pink. There are many tricycles have two seats – one directed forward, and the other back.

Trics can pick up passengers only in their local area, but may leave the passengers in any region.

hire Tric

Rental trick reminiscent of hiring a taxi – you hire the whole vehicle, and not just the seat as in zhypni.

Always negotiate on the cost of the trip before you enter. Just ask the driver if your destination know, and then ask how much. Tricky driver will often say "to you." If so, just quote what you think is a fair price. In most cases, it will take your price, but if this does not work, you can talk more, or just go out and try another driver.

And do not pay for the trick until you have reached your destination.

When injected into the trick watch his head. Some Tricky have strange decorations in the interior. Most of tights has a vertical backrest, often unbuttoned and without the support of the lower back. It can be very uncomfortable, especially on bumpy roads.

Once on board, hang. Depending on the condition of the road and speed trick you probably will find very hypercritical of experience: the head is often props up a metal roof. You can always ask the driver to slow down, but it's usually a waste of words.

tricycle choice

Despite the lower part of the drive to trohkolah, I go for at least two each day, usually to places where can not get Zhypni. But I am selective in the choice of tricks and I know many of the local drivers. I have a cell phone number and call them to pick me up. Several drivers have become very good friends.

If you find a driver with a good trio, and that is also a good driver, I suggest you ask him a cell phone number. Most gladly give it to you.

Trykavaya safety

If you have luggage, try to put it in the shop, so you can keep an eye on him. A friend of mine once hired tricks in Tacloban airport. The driver put the bags on the rear rack. When they & # 39; riding, another guy jumped on the seat behind the driver, and began to talk with his friend.

It seemed to be a friendly conversation, and before the destination of the friendly guy said goodbye and jumped.

The location of my friend found that by talking, man dug up the luggage and valuables handed the engineer, who was behind him. Caution!