Travel – the best education you can get

Reviewing our lives and the decisions that we have taken here, we thought it was about the journey that changed us so many ways. Then the mother cousin hit the nail on the head when she told us at a family gathering (knowing that we have visited in the world), that journey – the best education you can get. Although my wife and I already suspected that it happened, we had a man who actually lived and confirmed our suspicions.

"I have memories that will remain with me as I traveled in 60 years, and friends who still keep in touch," – she said. "I saw so much and learned a lot of things that you would never have learned in school and did not look at the TV. Continue the journey, as long as you still up. I congratulate you."

And bearing in mind these words of wisdom, we delve into our personal experiences to explain why travel – this is the best education.

deep impression

It's one thing to see something on TV or read it in the paper (or on the Internet or in books, or any of your favorite media), but another thing to see these things in person. More often than not, if you talk about something, you can hardly estimate his message and is likely to react (or not) briefly, and then forget about it soon. But if you have seen an explosion or encounter with the poor is not hearsay, these moments stick with you, and you begin to wonder why these things happen.

For example, at school you can try to teach students revolutions, repeating what is in the history books, citing factors such as, for example, the population was 95% illiteracy, the rich become richer and the poor weakened and dejected population. no opportunities to escape poverty. I am sure that the students can remember some dates and some of the major figures of history, but after the test or training is forgotten, and the effects of the causes and consequences of the conditions leading to the revolution, are lost.

But if these students may have attended (or better yet remained in the family & # 39; s) without the family & # 39; and running water, electricity, schools and the lack of food, if they really work to survive; All this time the government hide deep dissatisfaction bribe receiving, storing most of the wealth of the country and even the arrival and dams or logging mine coal (thereby putting more pressure on their own land and affecting the survival of its own funds), perhaps these students will be so deeply moved by the experience that they can better understand why people want to act and experience to improve their situation.

This is the essence of why deep impression, you can get just experiencing things first hand while traveling, – it is one of the main reasons for travel – the best education you can get. Perhaps even more important is that such impressions have been with you to the extent that you are more likely to want to take action to change things for the better.

emission theory

We have always believed that reality – it is the fastest and most efficient teacher. If you buy a starter sale at deeply discounted price at some street market only to start the collapse on you when you get home, you do not learn again to look at the markets starting in the same way. But while you will not have to break the bitter taste, you will always look for the next big offer, no matter how tricky the supplier.

If you go there, you most likely will witness the places where socialism has been successful (and not so evil as to believe gong-ho prakapitalisty and industrialists), you are more likely to assess how other people around the world (especially in Europe) do not worry what about health insurance and health care, and how local people in rural villages have found ways to adapt and life with their environment, rather than trying to make arbitrary and detrimental changes against Nature. Without these lessons trips can never learn. As a result, you are likely to be biased to stagger from the media or peer that does not differ from children to learn bad habits, learning to unruly peers (ie, the so-called "bad influences") since they do not have the information they need to make smart decisions.

So, bearing in mind, we believe that the journey is an opportunity to test their theories and beliefs. You are bound to be faced with different people, different cultures, different ways of behavior, different beliefs and different environment. Often, this is contrary to what you are used to or that you have to think in advance of the trip. Thus travel broadens your horizons and makes you more open to the huge variety and diversity of the planet and its peoples. And, keeping an open mind about things, you are more likely to learn from these differences, and apply them in ways that would improve your own life (and, I hope, and others). And in the process you will develop a greater respect for other people, while accepting differences and not to move away from the people.


Perhaps one of the most important things you have done for us traveling – is to give us a greater sense of perspective. If you travel, you padvyargaetsesya a wider range of experiences. Thus, you have a wider library of experience and knowledge that need to go to if you are confronted with a new situation or a problem. Given our extensive library, we have the confidence to see the big picture, to solve problems, not to sweat the little things, believe in yourself and in what we know, better understand people better appreciate the nature and look at things more about & # 39 objective. And thanks to this awareness and self-confidence, we feel that we have passed the bar & # 39; EASURES (many of which were self-imposed) that we thought possible.

Travel in general (at least more awareness fueled types) is expensive, logically difficult and requires a lot of time, health and energy. However, we have learned to overcome the bar & # 39; EASURES to give a rich reward of knowledge obtained as a result. And it is through our own time, focused on the preparation and performance of the trip, we have overcome those mental bar & # 39; EASURES that, as a rule, first of all prevent people from getting there; coming up with excuses such as too expensive, too complicated, too much time for planning and so on. In this sense, it makes you overcome complacency, go out into the real world and to acquire intangible things that make you a better person as a whole.

Due to the fact that we have learned, we are more able to filter and process information (which is why we do not obey to the fact that the press is pushing or said), and it is convenient to bring their work (and therefore our lives) to our core values ​​(my personal ethics – a sustainable future), we are less likely to hot air and hypocrisy when it comes to political issues, and we are more likely to be respectful to different people with different lifestyle (you never know what you can learn from them).

Indeed, the journey gave us the necessary tools (through exposure, education, and future), to take the measures necessary to improve not only our lives but also the lives of our children. We do not claim to know everything, but at least we can look at things in perspective and act accordingly.


Although we say that the journey – this is the best education you can get, we do not assume that you should abandon formal education, and it does not mean that it is the answer to all our problems. We are simply saying that the journey to teach you in a way that will bring you to a large, healthy and happy life, if you go with an open mind and the right attitude.

However, there are different types of travel, and we should note that not all of which promote learning. In fact, if you are traveling alone, in order to consume (as, for example, just have fun in the resorts, play golf or enjoy water sports (not that I condemn these activities), all without interacting with the locals and NOT feeling that this place has to offer in terms of this experience), then you only find out about consumption and little of the local culture, the environment and the people. You will not be able to expand your own horizons and gain travelers educational benefits.

Speaking of consumption, we recognize that the trip is not from the & # 39 are environmentally sustainable (that greenhouse gases (GHG), which flies in the upper atmosphere during the flight, the aircraft as close to energy efficiency, they are going to get, and environmentally friendly deposited waste water at resorts, not to mention the waste of plastic bottles). However, we think that if more people traveled to learn and see, or experience a truly different things, they would have been more understanding, we could put things in perspective and to take steps to make the world a better and more stable. So with that said, perhaps these same people will be more willing to find a way to travel (not to mention their own lifestyles) less effective, but at the same time to win the public (especially the one that you do not get at school) as a whole.

Regarding the school, I think that the trip can do wonders if you supplement your education secular impressions. Thus, you get the skills you need to make a living in the school, but you keep more of what you are studying (or even cast doubt on some of them) through their experiences and observations during the trip. In addition, it will also make you vote more intelligently, thereby creating the best leaders. I dare say that people who do not have expanded their horizons and have an open heart, could not stem the tide of corruption and mismanagement that led to many big problems that we see today in the world.

Thus, the journey – the best education you can get? As for us, you treat!

Although our journey led us to dive into their savings, thereby delaying the purchase of housing, which seeks to each (including our government, through its twisted tax laws), we would not have to sell them worldwide. We are not materially rich, but we have recalled the life and moments as well as some friends we met along the way. We again called to constantly open new locations, using waterfalls, as an excuse to see places far and near. We hope that we can continue this. After all, we never want to stop learning, improving yourself and changing the world.