Lesotho – "Kingdom in the sky '

South Africa surrounded from all sides, but separated from it huge Drakensberg mountain ranges and small, mountain kingdom Lesotho small and rounded shape, disposed on the plateau over 2881 feet (1000 meters), with peaks which reach heights of over 10,000 ft (3000 m). Sani Pass – an exciting entry point into Lesotho from Drakensberg National Park in South Africa and with the & # 39 is the gateway to the colorful route “Roof of Africa”, which connects the magnificent scenery of the two mountain ranges.
The people called the “Kingdom in the sky”, is characterized by an elevated hill majestic mountain scenery, fresh mountain air and silence simple traditional way of life. Pony pony – one of the best ways to test Nagore & # 39; I Lesotho. The time spent in remote villages Basota, scattered among the grassy hills where waterfalls saturate the surrounding rocks mist rainbow colors and crystal-clear streams, crossing the landscape.
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This region is also ideal for those who prefer to experience their own foot to two feet, with milyanami single landscapes in order to assess the abundance of trout in the rivers and dams, and a guarantee of a warm and friendly welcome in a solid. mountain farm. The Central Highlands & # 39; and is the highest waterfall in southern Africa, Maletsunyane Falls near Semonkong, which means “place of smoke” that thunders from a height of 624 feet (192 m) and a & # 39 is the most spectacular in the summer rainy season .
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From the heights of the mountains small land down the western lowlands, where all the major cities and where two-thirds of the population live. Capital Musser – a fascinating city contrasts modern and traditional lifestyles. Dressed blankets riders leave the traffic jams on the way to the market, and woven products are demonstrated on a busy sidewalk near the new glass buildings filled samavazhnymi office workers.
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Time spent in Lesotho, will allow visitors to watch the African country, filled with extraordinary appeal, the Kingdom of durable beauty and unchanging culture, which is natural and does not affect tourism in many ways.
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Conditions outside & # 39; I was in Lesotho vary greatly depending on the altitude. Summer – hot, rainy season from October to April, with the hottest days in January and February, and most rain falls in March-May and October-November. Sunny day, day electrical storms, and the temperature ranges below 86 ° F (30 ° C) in hollows with prahaladneyshay temperature when the height is increased, on average around 64 ° F (18 ° C) in the mountains.
Snow falls mostly in the winter from May to September, but it may be in the mountains in any season. Winter can be bitterly cold, particularly in vysakagor & # 39; e, typically days but clear and sunny. The temperature can drop to 20 ° F (-7 ° C) in the valleys and 0 ° F (-18 ° C) in vysakagor & # 39; e. At any time of year the weather & # 39; e can change very fast in the highlands from warm sunshine to fog, rain and frost.
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Come for a visit.