Book Review – ABC sisters Monica McInerney

I can not explain why it took me until 2013 to read my first novel by Monica McInerney. She is an Australian author of international bestsellers, including: "The taste for it," "Upside down inside," "twisting the bottle" and "The Secret of Lola." I often share books with friends and family & # 39; s and was not familiar with Monica McInerney, until I was handed a book called "The Sisters of the alphabet." The book was soon reading, filled with dynamic characters who come to life with the authors of great physical attributes of the details, as well as emotional characteristics. McInerney intertwining beautiful story about the inconvenience of some & # 39; and has overcome their own fears and selfish honor. I can apologize for what had not read this beautiful story (it was copyrighted in 2004), and I can say without a doubt that I will read more in McInerney's books in the near future.

This wonderful work going on in the Clare Valley of South Australia before the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Lola's birthday, grandmother's sister alphabets. Lola decided substituting & # 39; to unite advechanyh grandson in a small motel something & # 39; and sweet wine country. Girls require grandmother (rather cautious) and come to the motel. They are not going to be as close as they used to like singing team as shameful sisters ABC, including eccentric outfits and melodies. Family dynamics Var & # 39; iruetstsa from uncomfortable and hard to soft and loving as the story unfolds. In McInerney is possible embodiments of the heroes in life, without having to become anigonim any person. Each of the sisters has to love Anna oldest and quickly takes on the responsibility, Bette – the average child, sometimes feels uncomfortable and unsure of herself, and Kerry – the youngest and the sister who never had if her brothers and sisters came back, still in the Clare valley motel supervised by their parents. Lola – a witty grandmother and matriarchal family; She also has a secret that does not go towards the end of the book. To learn more about her secret, you can take a copy of the short secret Lola & # 39; s Secret, which entered the list of winning the Australian book industry in 2012 and was published in the US in October 2012.

Sister "Alphabet" carefully studying the dynamics of some & # 39; and, family relationships and rivalries, secrets and different points of view. McInerney came to life a variety of unique characters whose connections and relationships cheered their outdated grandmother, Lola, which was the catalyst for the bonds of & # 39; family unity & # 39; and amendments and broken relationships. McInerney's first job in high school, at age 17, was a girl, a wardrobe, and then a writer. She pulled out of himself, when the story of sisters "Alphabet" was developed with the domestic performance, audition, local amateur talent and full of spectacle for the financing of new ambulances.


Rest in the Old orchard in Maine

On vacation on Old Orchard Beach Attraction "Maine" with the & # 39 is a 7-mile beach. The beach is ideal for long walks, sun and cooling in the cold Atlantic waters. And you can make for the beach even more, making it a major holiday destination in Maine.

Food in the Maine lobster and clams parahodskih ranks high in the list of activities on the beach Old Orchard Beach. For younger children and older children there is a pier on the beach Old Garden, its arcades, shops and food stands. And the beach has golf, kayaking, shopping and other attractions.

Although it has become a year round, summer is best to visit the Old Garden Beach – summer. In May and June the water is particularly cold, but with the progress of the summer it gets better.

Summer activities at the old orchard

Among the activities that you can enjoy the summer time – concerts on the town square, fireworks on the beach every Thursday from late June to Labor Day, the beer festivals and music at the marina, as well as competition in the sandy July. The annual event, which is worth a look – it is illuminative night when Ocean Park neighborhood lights up their homes and hold a concert and refreshments; and Annual Beach Olympics, which takes three days of competitions and music, and to benefit the Special Olympics. Many summer events take place on the quay or around it, and include music and food.

What you need to do on the beach in the old orchard all year

Even in the off-season beach is the center of attention on the beach Old Orchard. You can still walk on the firm full of sand, but you may need a sweater and some long pants. In the autumn you can enjoy the changing leaves and riding on the beach. In the spring, you can not go in the water, but the sun will feel warm enough to reassure you on the beach. Accommodation rates may be very good, and in the offseason.

Old Garden Beach in the off-season also creates a good base for exploring other nearby attractions. VL Bilen and have excellent outlets in Kittery, and Fryportse house is LL Bean. Portland has historical attractions, as well as good restaurants, shops and cultural activities. And you can always take a ride along the coast and stop in a local restaurant for fresh lobster – all year round.

Old Orchard

Old Orchard Beach is well equipped to meet the diverse palates, which may be on vacation with you. Of course, you will find your staples such as pizza and burgers. The highlight will be the fresh clams and lobster, which can be enjoyed almost anywhere: from a roadside clam freebies (think fried clams and lobster rolls) to more fine restaurants, where shellfish are sputtered, and lobsters are served whole. There are also plenty of options wholesome breakfast in New England with pancakes (with blueberries Menskay), eggs and coffee.

Accommodation at the old Orchard Beach

If you stay in Old Orchard Beach, you'll have plenty of accommodation options. C & # 39 As one of the most popular beach destinations in the state of Maine, there are motels, hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts. But there are alternatives to the standard view of the housing. If you are traveling with your family & # 39; it, a large group or just a couple on a romantic getaway (think that winter walks on the beach, just the two of you and the ocean), you may want to think about renting a holiday home or cottage in Old Orchard Beach .

Offering all the comforts of home, and sometimes more, rent holiday on the beach Old Orchard Beach offers comfort and privacy that uncommon in nursing homes, hotels and restaurants. The easiest way to find rest at the old Orchard Beach on the Internet as easy on this note, if you are planning your next vacation in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.


In our next trip – why do we have to stay in a bed and breakfast?

Why even stay for breakfast?

Good question … why would you even consider "breakfast" against other places to stay … still the last place where you left off … seemed … OK! In addition, there are plenty of hotels and resorts, where you head down the road … or … you could easily choose one of them … right?

Sure … sure … I used to ask myself that every time we are going to travel on business and / or pleasure … or … even if we decided to go on I "A trip to the exit" at the weekend … So when we checked further accommodation in B & B, we found out some interesting things.

For example, now I have a lot more race. Parties. When we first started to look for, the choice of B & B at the place of residence, such as B & B, room availability, price, convenience, etc. I was quite limited.

Now there are many more, so when we decided where we want to go … and if we wanted to stay at a boarding house … well, usually, was near one.

In addition, we found that, as in any other traditional place to stay (for example, hotel or motel) pension vary depending on what they could offer … everything depended on what we were looking for, or what they wanted!

Now you can usually find it almost anywhere, wherever you decide to travel or you have to travel.

Since we are talking about, where are pensions, allow me to convey this advice … the quickest way to find accommodation and negligence is on the Internet … in many homes have internet these days (and homeowners can easily get access to the network) . … so if you choose a place where going to travel / visit … likely that the area will be one.

… I wonder … BUT !!

All this is interesting to check out, but if you're like me, I still need a good reason why I should stay in the B & B on your next vacation, family gatherings, business or anything!

As someone who knows (especially those who are on the network), the Internet there are many articles about traveling … and lots of bi-businesses … including the main "home" pensions for a palace … former mansion, where virtually lived seven & # 39; and … that is now converted into a B & B.

However, most of these articles (and in many cases video) tell us what a wonderful time you and your family & # 39; I, relatives, friends, etc. will have, if you stay in their B & B (and you probably will) … plus, they keep all those wonderful things that B & B has to offer!

In principle, all these articles (and / or video) – this is advertising, which is trying to convince you to stay there when you visit the area.

So why write about B & Bs?

My wife and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, is the "home" bed and breakfast … Now we would like you to come and stay with us, but we both know that's probably never going to happen … and everything is in order, because you "do or not" Stay with us (or B & B), you can still take advantage of this Article.

It was written so that if you go to the next trip, and no matter where you are going … you're thinking about whether to stay in the B & B, especially if you've never stayed in any!

For us, we find a guesthouse, wherever we went, and stayed there … so I highly recommend them.

In addition, despite the fact that the economy is not as good as it was in the past, people still travel (and travel a lot), both business and pleasure … and especially on holiday taken for & # 39; family unity & # 39; and.

Thus, I hope that this article will help you (the traveler / parties) to realize that there are other places to stay, which previously, you may not have noticed.

No matter where you go and no matter why you are going there, just remember that there are many good reasons why you should stay in a B & B … The reasons why I am glad to share with you.

By the way, most of the causes are not mine … they are not thought … rather, they were close to the guests who have stayed with us over the years … and they came up with some good!

If I can help you or get more information, just contact me … and remember this:

Think of finding the B & B in the next trip … you'll be happy!


How to save money to stay in a cheap motel, without sacrificing comfort – cheap business travel

I used to work in a large company with the costly bills and sufficient budget in order to stay in a wonderful hotel. Since I have recently started to work for themselves and drive a car more than on an airplane, I found that I needed to find a way to go everywhere and do as much as before for my old boss, but for the budget budget. I found the best way to do this – to reduce the pre-standards and take a 2-star motel quality and type of the Motel 6 on Hilton's site and Marryota. Usually you can cut down on the expense of the kit. Where I am, I usually pay in the range from 32 USD to the lower end to $ 50 in the high range. During the multi-day trip, you can save a lot of money. Cost savings up, but there are also cons. Compared with trademarks hotels you are likely to encounter bad with elegant rooms, fine razors and undersized towels for the bath, a noisy environment and the potential for bugs and germs.

I came up with a routine that some might say that this Var & # 39; yat, but if you are used to stay in the best possible way, as I do, it will allow you to save money without sacrificing all their comfort and health. During the trip, I always carry my pillow, top sheet, a light sleeping bag, a can of disinfectant, 2 towels and washcloths, and several plastic bags. In addition, slippers or flip-flops to protect your feet from dirty carpet and a pair zatychak ear, if you have some rowdy neighbors.

The first thing I do on arrival in your room – take one of the motel washcloths and spray it for some disinfectant. With disinfectant and rag I wipe away the TV remote control, telephone receiver and buttons, the lamp switches and light switches and door handles. Next I take a blanket, comforter, pillow top and the sheets off the bed and spread them in a corner. I put the top sheet on the bed, then his sleeping bag and pillow. Finally, I draw attention to the bathroom. Towels and cleaning wipes that they provide, usually wafer thin and bath tubs, so use them for washing.

I dezinfikuyu handle faucet in the sink and shower / bath, wipe the bath or shower and toilet. Put dirty towels for cleaning the corner and hang towel and napkin. I know that this sounds like a lot of work, but in fact it takes about 15 minutes and it is really worth the peace of mind. Make sure that you tell the front desk that you do not want the maid service during the stay and hang, do not bother to go out the next day that the maid did not try to undo your hard work when you are ready to leave their towels and the top sheet in a plastic bag and tie it securely to thoroughly wash when you come back home.